Monday, August 7, 2006

Personal Asides: Creamer’s Incarceration Was Noticed Earlier…Crain’s Chicago Business blog Seems to Urge Business to Kick in to Topinka.



As you can tell from the Reader’s Comments on the earlier Blog, Bob Creamer’s entry into prison life was noticed before Dan Curry’s marvelously informative . It appeared in PeoriaPundit and from there, evidently after Dan Curry used it, on Illinoize, a subaltern of where Bill Baar of baarswestside.blogspot called it to public attention and was labeled an anti-Semite and urged to go have a drink with Mel Gibson—this for only bringing it up!


Crain’s Chicago Business may be a good source of city business news but it’s editorial policy has been unremittingly liberal and Democratic. Now, however, they are evidently pro-Topinka and are urging businesses not to miss the boat in giving to her, citing the imperative of her savvy to business issues…not mentioning the obvous: that by not taking a no tax hike pledge, she is passing the word to Democrats that, if elected, she will raise taxes and thereby eliminate the deficit…while serving one term…and making it easy for Lisa Madigan to run, get elected and serve without fiscal problems. Surprised Crain’s usually good political writer Greg Hines hasn’t reported that speculation.

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  1. Tom, c'mon with the conspiracy stuff about Judy and Lisa. It ain't true, and I suspect deep down you know it, too.

    It doesn't even qualify as political analysis. And it sure doesn't jive with the facts, namely Judy's promotion of Joe Birkett, Lisa's arch enemy.

    Seriously, we have come of expect more from you.