Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Personal Asides: The Colgate Shave Cream Jingle…Another Trivia and This Time Use the Search Engine and See Who Comes in First


I should have allowed search engines to be used. Jesse Taylor, a friend of mine, used one and not only produced the lines of the Bill Stern jingle but played the song for me on his computer. Anyhow, he wins but with the proviso that he used a search engine which I had forbidden. The jingle went: Bill Stern the Colgate Shave Cream man is on his way/ Bill Stern the Colgate Shave Cream man had lots to say/ He told you tales of sports heroes/ The inside dope he really knows/ Listen in next Saturday/ C-o-l-g-a-t-e!”

Another Trivia.

This time use the search engine and see who comes in first—because I don’t want you to rack your brains too hard. This time it will be a race to see who is speediest. Who said:

“The world is not a rectilinear world. It is a curvilinear world. The heavenly bodies go in curves because that is the natural way for them to go and so the whole Newtonian universe crumpled up and was succeeded by the Einstein universe. Here in England, he is a wonderful man. This man is not challenging the fact of science. He is challenging the action of science. Not only is he challenging the action of science, but the action of science has surrendered to his challenge. Now ladies and gentlemen: Are you ready for the toast? I drink to the greatest of our contemporaries, Einstein.”

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  1. I rembered this from an old Viking Portable Edition - Irish Genius George Bernard Shaw