Saturday, August 26, 2006

Personal Asides: Answer to the Trivia Question No One Got…A New Trivia…Adding the Illinois Policy Institute Link…Now that Tom Cruise Has Been Fired


Unsurprisingly, no one got the last trivia although there were some good guesses—Frank Nofsinger’s suggestion of the Empress Josephine being one of them. The answer: Roman Empress Theodora, wife of Emperor Justinian in A.D. 532. Justinian was sure he was to be overthrown and killed by rebel leader Hypatius. His panicky supporters told him that they couldn’t hold the fort much longer and that a fast galley was awaiting him and his wife Theodora to take them to Thrace. But Theodora had more guts than he and as he bolted for the door, thinking she was behind him, she stayed on her throne and delivered the speech outlined in this space two days ago. Know what? Her speech made him ashamed of his cowardice. He changed his mine, stuck around and rallied his troops. The rebels were beaten and slaughtered—all thanks to his brave little Empress who wouldn’t scoot.

New Trivia.

This is from a president. Clue: he lived in my lifetime…which, there having been so many isn’t very helpful. A guess may make it. No search engines. Here it is:

“Men do not make laws. They do but discover them. Laws must be justified by something more than the will of the majority.. They must rest on the eternal foundation of righteousness…Do the day’s work. If it be to protect the rights of the weak, whoever objects, do it. If it be to help a powerful corporation better to serve the people, whatever the opposition, do that. Expect to be called a standpatter but don’t be a standpatter. Except to be called a demagogue but don’t be a demagogue. Don’t hesitate to be as revolutionary as science. Don’t hesitate to be as reactionary as the multiplication table. Don’t expect to build up the weak by pulling down the strong. Don’t hurry to legislate. Give administration a chance to catch up with the legislation.”

Illinois Policy Institute.

Today we’re going to add the Illinois Policy Institute as a link. And it’s not because its leader, Greg Blankenship bought me a steak at Gibson’s-Rosemont. Not that it hurt but if you think I’m for rent because somebody buys me a steak dinner, think again. But all the same, it didn’t hurt. Anyhow, the IPI is doing the Lord’s work in researching and writing cogent fact-sheets on state government and the economy…and is indispensable since Heartland has turned its entire attention to national problems. So with today’s link-up, neophytes can find out why I’m so high on IPI—and welcome to this exclusive fold, Greg.

Tom Cruise.

Now that Tom Cruise has been fired by Paramount, who among show business people…or people in any public category…would you like to have follow him? Mine begin with Madonna and continue through Paris Hilton, Whoopi Goldberg, Alec Baldwin and Donald Trump. Who among the politicians? I begin, of course, with Dick Durbin whom I would like to see censured, as well. Chuck Schumer belongs there as does Rahm Emanuel. John McCain for all his vaunted heroism should make the list if for no other reason than his curtailment of First Amendment rights with McCain Feingold. Speaking of whom: Feingold. Am undecided whether or not to include Bert Natarus (43rd). I’d include Joe Moore (49th) but he fills an important slot on my shows. I would certainly add the Reverend-State Senator James Meeks to my list. Tell me your list on Reader’s Comments.


  1. I'll take a shot at "Chicken in every pot," Herbert Hoover.

  2. The tough little guy who scared the hell out of his Irish hoodlum Artillery battery; the stand-up guy who attended Tom Prendergast's funeral and damn the political blow-back, the last Democrat to stand for principle over politics, they man who would punch a snooty music critic - I would need to say Harry S. Truman. But - Frank is rarely wrong.

  3. 1. The Uriah Heep of Illinois Politics, Cook County Commissioner Mike Quigley

    2. Media Icon - Carol Marin

    3. The Detroit Tigers

    4. Rep. Jesse 'Kid Staples'Jackson, Jr. & Pops Staples Jackson as well.

    5. Cindy Sheehan - get a date already!

  4. I'm going to guess Richard Nixon. Was this the line that resulted in the infamous headline, "Can't Stand Pat, Says Nixon"?

  5. John Murtha heads the list of politicans who should be fired followed closely by Chappaquiddick neckbrace Ted Kennedy and Christmas in Cambodia John Kerry. I'd also fire "you're the first, you're the last, my everything" Barak Obama except he's a fascinating example of the media hyping an empty suit. Never has so little substance received so much praise from the MSM. On the Republican side, we need a replacement for Topinka lapdog Andy McKenna. I suggest Jim Oberweis. That shouldn't cause the Illinois GOP any heartburn since they were strictly neutral during the primary (wink, wink).

  6. I'd clean house starting with the following:

    1) The head of every major libral news organization. Obama on vacation is not newsworthy. Enough already!

    2) Our senators, Durbin and Obama

    3) Mayor Lake Nagin

    4) Andy McKenna

  7. Hey Tom, didn't you see my posting on Theodora and the purple shroud? I don't know the identity of the President cited in the latest trivia quiz, but the quote sounds consistent with Calvin Cooledge.

  8. A former politician I forgot to mention is St. Pius the Frst Jimmy Carter. From carrying an empty bag on board Air Force One to pretend that he carried his own luggage to blessing the obviously fraudulent 2004 Venezuean election, Carter has been a menace to America and the West.

  9. Tom,

    I'm very puzzled. In response to your trivia about the purple shroud, Chuck Johanns did give the right answer of Theodora. If he hadn't, then I would've put it in myself since I've some knowledge of the Byzantine Empire.