Thursday, August 17, 2006


Roosevelt University invites you to participate in my course “Special Topics: Current Political Trends.” This special and unique offering allows you to attend class sessions at a greatly reduced fee on a non-credit basis.

It’s the same class I taught as a John F. Kennedy Fellow at Harvard, a Woodrow Wilson International Fellow, Princeton, N. J. as well as at the Wharton School of Finance and other universities…and it’s coming to Chicago’s Roosevelt University each Thursday night from September 7 through December 21, 2006. It features guest appearances by elected politicians, media people, lobbyists, staffers, business types and grassroots movement leaders on an off-the-record basis who are grilled unmercifully by him and class members. Space is limited to the first 16 individuals who sign up through this form. Read the pertinent information below.

Register on-line at https://www4/

Roosevelt University
Room 430
430 S. Michigan Avenue

Thursday evenings from 6 – 8:30 p.m.
September 7 through December 21, 2006


Space is limited to the first 16 individuals who sign up through this form. Your $250 credit card payment will be required at time of sign up or bring your check payable to “Roosevelt University” to the first class session. Refunds will only be given if requested by September 9th by calling Roosevelt University’s Student Accounts Office at 312-341-3571. Please note: no college credit will be given nor will you receive a grade for your attendance. To formally enroll and receive credit for this course or to find out more about Roosevelt University offerings, please visit our website at

After you register on line using the designation above, check in with me at so I can keep track of who’s signed up. And keep on watching this website for latest information.

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  1. Here are the topics which will be covered during Tom Roeser's Practical Politics class:

    Week 1 - Clout and Cash - the role of money in politics
    Week 2 - How to vote early and often without getting caught
    Week 3 - The "joy" of punchcard voting - Florida's experience as presented by Katherine Harris
    Week 4 - How to say something to the press without saying anything - guest lecturer Mayor Richard Daley
    Week 5 - There's more than milk in that cow - funding campaigns with personal fortunes as presented by George Oberweis
    Week 6 - Spending taxpayers' money on friends and cronies without going to jail - may be cancelled thanks to Fitzgerald
    Week 7 - Playing the race card - joint appearance by David Dukes and Al Sharpton
    Week 8 - Nepotism keeps it all in the family - special appearances by Todd Stroger and Lisa Madigan
    Week 9 - Selecting a good criminal defense lawyer - thoughts from Gov. Ryan
    Week 10 - Picking the best spot to spend time in 'Club Fed' - phone conference with Betty Loren-Maltese
    Week 11 - How Not to Run A Campaign - guest lecturer Judy Barr Topinka
    Week 12 - When in doubt, smear your opponent - special presentation by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth
    Week 13 - Dealing with the press - how not to do it by Dick Cheney
    Week 14 - Avoiding the wrong kind of publicity - Michael Dukakis and Gary Hart share their experiences
    Week 15 - How to be all things to all voters without them finding out until after the election - videoconference with Gov. Blagojevich
    Week 16 - Final Exam - getting the latest copy of the city of Chicago's "clout list" for employment