Saturday, August 12, 2006

Bad News for Those Republicans Who Want an Independent Party Free of the Combine: Larry Sabato’s Poll Numbers Show Topinka Could Win. And Why It’s Bad News.

Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia is recognized as one of the premier election analysts in the U. S. The bad news for those Republicans who don’t want jobs or contracts or a party that very nearly reflects the dominant liberalism of the Democratic party…but who want a reform Republican party on jobs and contracts that also reflects the philosophical position of the national GOP…is that Sabato has re-designed the governor’s race as “possible Republican pickup” based on Rasmussen and other polls sbowing Topinka with 39% to Blagojevich’s 45%.

Some months ago this Blog termed Topinka the more liberal candidate for governor than Blagojevich. Topinka followers hotly dispute this—but she is. First, she has not taken a no-general income tax-hike pledge and Blagojevich has. Second, she is alike Blagojevich is almost every other social issue particular: on WGN radio the other day she said she favors over-the-counter Plan B as does Blagojevich. She favors abortion rights as does Blagojevich, favors gay rights as does Blagojevich, has marched in the gay rights parades as has Blagojevich. She went Blagojevich one better in service to the political left by refusing to endorse the reelection bid of Sen. Peter Fitzgerald while she was state chairman, a stunning rejection of a senior Republican by another…and has continually lied about it despite her refusal to endorse was carried over WLS-AM.

She has a better record on the 2nd amendment and has opposed partial birth abortion…but her veracity in the past when applied to the future means that any pledge she makes for future action…any opinion she offers about policy for the future…is unacceptable since she is not to be believed. Which means she is on par in the truth department as was George Ryan who in his last campaign led people to believe he was pro-life, anti-gay rights, pro-2nd amendment and against the O’Hare expansion…all of which he disavowed after election.

The argument that Republican regulars use in her behalf is that if conservatives can’t get a full dinner with Topinka, they should settle for a sandwich. Not so. Not only is she not to be believed in any particular because as evidence shows the truth is not in her, but her election as governor will provide a tax increase and an onus for Republicans to bear long after she leaves. She will also be counted upon to influence the selection and nomination of a Republican to oppose Richard Durbin and it would be almost certain that she would influence the nomination of another liberal of the Combine school. A Topinka victory would be far worse for Republicans than a Blagojevich victory in that it would exile authentic Republicans for the remainder of her term. No amount of sugar-coat, honeyed appeal to conservatives, whom she has steadfastly rejected, can or should be believed.


  1. Lovie's LeatherAugust 12, 2006 at 11:46 AM

    Tom, all you seem to care about is abortion and gay-rights. I bet you would be happy living in the Soviet Union as long as there were no gay-rights and abortion. Blagojevich bankrupts the state with social programs and you talk about abortion and gay-rights. He is corrupt to the core and you talk about abortion and gay-rights. Just admit it, Tom, you hate Judy Topinka. If what Judy says isn't credible, Tom, then why would you complain that she hasn't committed to not raising taxes? And who cares if she hasn't... remember this... "Read my lips, no new taxes." Yeah, that really worked out didn't it. And that was from a credible guy. I have no reason to believe that Topinka won't cut spending, and her spending could certainly not be worse than Blagojevich. You always fail to realize how bad Blagojevich is, Tom. You often write critical things about Judy... but when was the last time you were seriosly critical of the governor? You are a tool, Tom. A tool for the democratic party! You are to Illinois republicans, what Huey Long was to FDR.

  2. Tom doesn't trust Judy. Democrats don't trust Rod. That's why Democrat legislators for the last two years have insisted their governor sign memos of understanding to ensure they get their promised pork projects.

    I understand that Judy favor parental notification on abortion, which Rod opposes.

    If Judy loses as Tom wants, why is it in the public interest and the party interest to have at least four more years of one-party rule of this state?

  3. Tom also doesn't explain why Judy has no veracity. It seems unfair to attribute George Ryan's flipflops to her. Most Republicans backed George in '98 based upon his promises; we were all fooled. Shame on George.

  4. It's interesting that you mention "Independent Party." For all these reasons, it's exactly why voters should consider voting for Stufflebeam for Governor this year by Writing his name on the ballot.