Monday, August 21, 2006

The Absolute Worst State Republican Campaign—Ever

I’ve been kicking around politics in this state for 42 years and have served professionally in Minnesota for eleven years before that…a total of 53 years…and let me tell you: This year’s state Republican campaign is the absolute worst I have ever seen in two states going back more than a half-century. Consider: the Republican state comptroller stiffed a major news outlet…a 50,000-watt station last night despite her campaign manager having sent her bio and legislative program along to be discussed…despite the fact that her picture and notice of her appearance had been posted prominently on this Blog. Consider: the Republican candidate for governor squandered months after her nomination by winging it without a program—only now coming up with a few scraps which are insufficient.

Consider: this Republican candidate for governor had refused to support a marriage amendment (agreeing with the Democratic governor on that issue)…supports abortion on demand (as does the Democratic governor)…has marched for gay rights (as has the Democratic governor)…is seriously thought to have cut a deal with the Democrats to put through a general tax hike if she gets in so as to make the state acceptable for the election of Lisa Madigan in four years—a conjecture tacitly confirmed by a leading Democratic lawmaker. Consider: the Republican candidate for attorney general has no viable campaign plan whatsoever and says he doesn’t need one…nor does he have any fund-raising program. Consider: the only chance the Republican state treasurer has of getting elected is that the Democrats nominated a candidate who is grossly ethically challenged—and still the Republican’s election is far from being in the bag. The only candidate who seems to be running a halfway acceptable campaign is Joe Birkett, whose victory depends solely on his running-mate. Consider: there is absolutely no ground game, no organization in place—nor has there been one for two decades. After this state ticket goes down the tubes, if there isn’t a decent revolution to take over the GOP, they ought to give the odious corpse a decent burial in Oak Ridge and place on its tombstone the epitaph: We’re sorry, Mr. Lincoln. So sorry…so sorry.


  1. Lousy campaigns say something about the candidates and it's not good. I guarantee that I'll never stiff you if I'm scheduled for your show.

  2. You didn't mention the Rutherford campaign Tom. What are your thoughts there?

  3. John Thomas Mc GeeanAugust 22, 2006 at 6:57 AM

    You said it well. It is as if none of them really wants to win.
    As for the Governor's race. I cannot vote for either of them. Judy is for everything I reject and she rejects everything I believe in. As for the current Governor ditto and on top of that he is using tax payer money to fund stem cell research on disgarded embryos without any legislative approval and this in a State that is strapped for money.

  4. You're absolutely right Tom. And that was a great piece on the GOP ticket. But I wouldn't cut Birkett any slack. The guy wants to play the conservative champion, in front of conservative groups. But then gets behind a dishonest lefty and is even willing to spray paint his name on the side of a bus with her.

    And doing it because she's promised to help pay off his 2002 campaign debt hardly makes it better. I think that makes it much worse. But still agree with the thesis of your piece. The facts speak for themselves.

  5. I agree with the prior observation. I think we all used to think Joe Birkett was a man of integrity who stood for things. Obviously that's not the case. He sold all of us out for what he thought was good for him.

  6. Here! Here! Where's Alan Keyes when we need him?!