Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Political Shootout Sunday: Jim Leahy vs. Jill Zwick.

Next Sunday on WLS-AM (890) Jim Leahy, executive director of the Republican Assembly of Illinois and an expert on conservative grassroots will appear along with Jill Zwick, an independent who has been an activist in both the Republican and Democratic parties. She was a Republican state representative in the same district Democrat Jack Franks now serves in McHenry county (but they didn’t run against each other; they served at different times). A born independent in that she is a critic of both parties and a supporter of certain candidates in both, she offers an unique perspective on state and local politics. Jim, whom I call a “spiritual son,” began as a Democrat, is an ex-Marine, become a conservative after being inspired by Ronald Reagan and is a union member. He’s known for his candid and blunt, no-holds-barred views. Tune in for a lot of fun!

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  1. By the way, Tom, what ever happened to "Larry The Cop?" He and Jim were great together on some of your previous WLS radio programs. They are both feisty {like you) and I love it!