Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Personal Asides: Debbie Franks to Join “Democrats for Topinka”—a Strong Asset…Oberweis’ Endorsement of Topinka Either Brave or Foolhardy, Depending on Who You Talk To


Debbie Franks.

State Rep. Jack Franks (D-Woodstock) mentioned on my WLS radio show Sunday that his wife, Debbie, has joined “Democrats for Topinka.” The is significant, affirming that the rupture between Gov. Blagojevich and Franks has not only not healed but Franks’ best, most attractive and intelligent woman campaigner, who goes door-to-door with her husband every election cycle, has volunteered to join Topinka’s ground troops. Debbie Franks is probably the best woman Democratic campaigner in Illinois and with her husband comprises what is such a dynamic team that this year in Republican McHenry county, Jack Franks has no Republican opponent whatsoever! Much of the reason is because he and his wife have been ideal co-workers in the vineyard. Topinka actually has no campaign on the ground, meaning organization, and Debbie Franks will be of inestimable value to the Republicans. Don’t imagine for a minute that Debbie Franks would engage in this effort if it weren’t consonant with Franks’ own wishes. So what Topinka has is, paradoxically, a campaign team that includes both Debbie Franks, armed with the silent acquiescence of Jack Franks, a rising young Democrat with a statewide future before him and conservative Republican Jim Oberweis!


The decision by Jim Oberweis to raise money for Judy Baar Topinka is also significant since it is far more than just another defeated primary opponent pledging support to the winner. The philosophical difference between Oberweis and Topinka are about as deep a chasm as it is possible to be in one party, pro-life vs. pro-choice, anti-special rights for gays and pro-gay rights, pro-tough immigration and who knows where she stands on this? Tough on spending vs. someone who has not been known as a spending-stingy stalwart.

Oberweis is a movement conservative who has pioneered some unpopular stands which ultimately have become popular. In national terms it would be equivalent to Ronald Reagan, the convention loser in 1976 campaigning for Gerald Ford. That didn’t happen. Reagan made a stunning concession speech at the convention which topped Ford’s acceptance—a speech which left many wondering if it was an endorsement of Ford or not. Then Reagan went back to California and rode his white Palomino almost daily for the extent of the campaign.

It is no secret that some of Oberweis’ most influential supporters—financial and otherwise—are angry with him for supporting Topinka. Oberweis has evidently considered this and has taken the step anyhow. On the plus side, Oberweis can be viewed as less of a far-right candidate than his opponents have billed him, and thus amenable to support from so-called “moderate” Republicans in the next go-round, which there assuredly will be since he gives every indication of continuing to be active in Republican affairs. On the minus side, Oberweis may well sacrifice his standing as the leader of conservative Republicans in exile, a role that will be quite important for the future if, as the polls show now, Topinka loses. If you wonder where I stand on Topinka, re-read what I wrote earlier when I said all things considered, Blagojevich is preferred. But I’ve had my say. Tell me what you feel about his decision in Reader’s Comments.


  1. Lovie's LeatherJuly 18, 2006 at 8:53 AM

    Well Roeser, it just goes to show you who has gotten their head out of their butt and who hasn't. You'll be out by November....

  2. So, Oberweis is going to support Topinka. It just convinces me that Oberweis is out for himself. How could he support her without betraying what he stood for in the election?

  3. Lovie's LeatherJuly 18, 2006 at 3:09 PM

    Betraying what he stood for?! He is a politician! When he made his first run for Senate in 2002, I remember exactly what he said when a reporter asked him if he had any strong positions on social issues, "I am a business man." He absolutely will do what he thinks is best for him. If he weren't trying to do what was best for him, he never would have ran. Same goes for Gidwitz, Brady, and Topinka. Plus, the guy obviously has something unfamiliar to this website... loyalty!

  4. "Plus, the guy obviously has something unfamiliar to this website... loyalty!"

    Lovie - I beg you to tell us anything the Illinois GOP has done for conservatives that should in any way, shape, matter, or form require them to be loyal to The Party.

    This is something you will never understand — Conservatives do not have a party. We give our loyalties to our families, country, and God. Nazis, Trotskyists, and unprincipled opportunists can proclaim their loyalty to their party.

  5. While the Republican party has left conservatives wanting for a candidate, there will be a candidate conservatives can vote for with a clean conscience. OH, you will have to think out side the Republican box to do so, BUT hey, what have you got to loose? OUR STATE??



    The only pro-life, pro-family, pro-second amendment, anti-illegal immigration candidate.

    YES!! You will have to write his name in on the ballot, but you can do it and his name isn't that hard to spell.

    S T U F F L E B E A M

  6. Lovie's LeatherJuly 19, 2006 at 9:55 AM

    Yeah, by the way, Stalin killed Trotsky. So how much loyalty does a commi have???

  7. Unbelievable. Obie's just as spineless as Brady now. The guy's completely abandoned the people and the issues he said he cared about, just for a sad attempt to try and be accepted.

    But no one respects a sell out.

    Where have all the real men gone in this state?

  8. What's Jim Oberweis thinking?

    I thought he said in the primary that Topinka was just like George Ryan in several ways. I thought he was right about that. But now he's giving her his endorsement and helping her raise money?!?!

    This is why good people get turned off from politics. You just get sick of the phonies after awhile. Obviously Jim stands for nothing. I can't believe I voted for the guy. Never again!!

    I hope Jim and Judy will be very happy. Hey, maybe they can do the Pay to Play Polka together at this fundraiser! Wouldn't that say it all?

    Tom, can you suggest that to Jim?