Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Personal Aside: Hold Your Applause for Buffett and Gates.

gates buffett
If you have been huzza’ing Warren Buffett for transferring much of his fortune to the foundation run by Bill and Melinda Gates, remember that Buffett has made sizable investment in de-population pograms vis-à-vis Planned Parenthood and the Population Council which brought the baby poison RU-486 to the United States. Buffett and the Gates traveled to China together in 1995 and were particularly engrossed as they visited a “family planning” clinic along the Yangtze to celebrate China’s one-child policy which has coerced mandatory abortions. Our news media generously allows this fact to go un-remarked. This from Life Advocacy Briefing written by Penny Pullen, my favorite pro-life heroine.


  1. The devil can disguise himself in deeds that look good. All it takes is lots of money.

  2. The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation also contributes millions for abortions and other pro abortion related activities.

    I boycott Dairy Queen, GEICO and other Berkshire Hathaway products / companies.

    Unfortunately I need MS Office for work.

  3. Gates is the source of most of the crap people have to put with when using their PCs. I can only hope that after he passes on, he's condemned to a long stretch in purgatory watching the "blue screen of death" on a monitor as penance.