Thursday, June 8, 2006

Sunday Night Shootout: Dave McSweeney and Greg Goldner.

This Sunday night’s Political Shootout will feature Dave McSweeney, the Republican candidate for 8th district Congress and Greg Goldner, the campaign manager for Richard M. Daley in the mayor’s last victory. McSweeney is one of the boldest, brightest candidates to appear in the nation for Congress thus far. Goldner I take my hat off to because he had the guts to come on my show a couple of weeks ago against Terry Brunner when the topic was the divulgences concerning the Daley administration. Greg is one of the most skilled, articulate political managers I know…

Last week’s Shootout was a masterpiece of Chicago lingo and politics with Tony Peraica, the Republican nominee for president of the Cook county Board and Frank Coconate, the independent Democrat and Daley critic who is preparing to run for 41st ward alderman. The show was (a) instructive, (b) entertaining and (c) highly encouraging to those who want to support the anti-establishment movement. I would love to see Tony and Frank get together and participate in a drive to get Tony elected along with Frank.

NOTE: Two hours before the Shootout, I will be on the Bruce DuMont “Beyond the Beltway” show with Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr.

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  1. I wasn't about to listen to you and Congressman Jackson announce support for an unnecessary airport in Peotone.

    How much has the state wasted over the last 15 years -- maybe longer -- promoting that Edgar backed runaway dog of a project?