Friday, June 23, 2006

Political Shootout Sunday: Roskam and Avila.

This Sunday the contenders will be State Senator Peter Roskam, Republican candidate for 6th district Congress whom the Tribune’s Eric Zorn has bitterly criticized—but whom I think would be a tremendous successor to Congressman Henry Hyde…and Frank Avila, an independent Democrat, a Hispanic leader and critic of the Daley organization’s Hispanic Democratic Organization formed by Victor Reyes. That’s at 8 p.m. this Sunday on WLS-AM (890).

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  1. Great show tonight for letting State Senator Roskam get his message out (and Avila get his Daley corruption message out) before November.

    I wanted to clear one point regarding the immigration debate when Avila said Sensenbrenner's bill was immoral due to the fact that priests and other social workers would be jailed and illegal aliens would be charged with felonies.

    I think you and Peter may wish to look at Tom Tancredo's editorial in USA Today which cleared the lies touted by the Democrats regarding the House Bill.

    He addresses the first myth - the law was written unchanged from the 1986 Amnesty Bill. Also, Sensenbrenner agreed to clarify and amend this portion of the Act.

    The second myth - Sensenbrenner wanted all illegal aliens to be charged with a felony is also a lie. The vast majority of Republicans voted against the felony provisions. 191 Democrats and a handful of Republicans who wanted to kill the bill when it went to committee voted for the felony provision.

    This is the same tactic Democrats used when they wished to vote to reinstate the military draft.

    Peter Roskam is a very good candidate for the 6th district and he needs to answer the lies given by Emanuel's plant to defeat her in November.

    Keep up the good work!!!