Monday, June 19, 2006

Political Shootout: Kathy Posner vs. Mike Noonan.

Perhaps it was a miscommunication, perhaps it was a failing of this hard-of-hearing senior citizen, but State Senator Peter Roskam’s office called on Friday to say that he believed he had been scheduled for the Sunday a week later—and also, it was not only Father’s Day but his wedding anniversary. It’s tough enough to run for Congress without getting your wife upset, so I cast about quickly to get a replacement and did quite well: Kathy Posner, a pro-life Republican is a colorful legendary woman with a heart as big as all outdoors of whom I am very fond.

She graciously acceded. Mike Noonan is just about the best performer a talk radio host can have because he’s contentious, candid, revelatory and of great experience at a tender age. Kathy told us something very few knew: that she was slated to run for state Comptroller on a ticket headed by Senator James Meeks, had that third party taken off. Which means that I would at least have a good choice for one major state office anyhow. I got more involved in the debate than I usually do as moderator on the subject of education but Mike held his own and did very well. Thanks to all the call-ins.

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  1. The next time you need a replacement guest, just let me know. I'm opinionated and cheap! You won't even need to pick up the cost of a hotel room if you book me. Not that I'm desperate to be on your show, but I am! I'll be right up on the next flight from the Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport. In fact, I'm checking the schedules right now. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.