Thursday, June 22, 2006

Personal Asides: Reviewing What the Readers Say.

Hot anger, angst and some praise for my column that Topinka is the liberal in the governor’s race: Lovie’s Leather says “Tom, you are extremely disloyal. Topinka didn’t endorse Fitzgerald and now you won’t endorse her. You are just as bad as her. I am extremely confused about what you have become, Tom” …Josh says Judy is to the right of Rod “regardless of what you want to acknowledge it or not. Think about it—Second amendment, Joe Birkett, partial birth abortion ban, parental consent. She’s to the right of Jim Edgar.” David P. Graf says “I’ll vote for Blagojevich” because if she’s elected she’ll play with the Dems just as Ryan did. Incidentally, David, I lost your address and phone; send it to me on my e-mail…Jose says Judy is to the right of Edgar and “your bias is overriding your judgment!”…Lovie’s Leather back again with another attack on me. Blagojevich fired Republican workers and I don’t understand it. “You are no Republican, Tom.”…Then Jeffrey Isbell goes after Lovie, trying sweet reason to say that it’s not important whose jobs they are—Republican or Democrat—but they’re human beings…

Someone named TR (not me) writes “Topinka is a Stinka!...Help! I’m a Republican in a sea of RINOs [Republicans in Name Only]…Lovie once more: If you [meaning me] care about social issues, don’t complain when Judy loses and your buddies lose their jobs because you’re no Republican, Tom.”…Gene Lesko says Topinka is in the mold of George Ryan…Jeff says Topinka is no friend of the conservative movement or the Republican party but “is a disgrace and detriment to the Republicans”…Matt Nelson says the ASCME is no way to judge candidates. It supported Edgar…And finally Doug Ibendahl made the old man feel good by saying, “Well said, Tom! Right on target!”

The erudite John Curry got yesterday’s quote right: Charles I of England, the second Stuart and grandson of Mary Queen of Scots after the victory of Oliver Cromwell, pointing out that while the King may have forgiven his executioners, the restored monarchy didn’t, all the prosecutors were condemned and several ran away to the American colonies. He points out: submitted without search engine assistance…My favorite Wanderer reader Frank Nofsinger got it right too, Google-free as he did Johnnie Ray. I said scaffold but that also meant beheading as well as hanging, Frank and the king’s head was lopped off. I’m trying to get that picture changed, too, Frank!


  1. Tom-
    The three judges that condemed Charles I were named Dixwell, Whalley, and Goffe. They fled to America, hiding in the New Haven (CT) Colony in a cave on top of what is now known as West Rock. The cave is closed to the public, and lies above a wild neighborhood. Three major streets were named after them. Ironically, all three pass through areas of varying degrees of urban blight now. I don't believe they were ever punished (in this life). FYI-

  2. Lovie's LeatherJune 22, 2006 at 6:31 PM

    but I do anyway. You are just looking to tear Topinka down. Therefore, I am trying to tear you down. I agree with you about many things. But my highest political priority is getting this idiot out of the governor's chair (I would have said mansion... but... you know).... Our arguments are partisan politics at its worst. The worst part is, we are partisans on the same team....

  3. Tom, you write: "And finally Doug Ibendahl made the old man feel good by saying, “Well said, Tom! Right on target!”

    Yeah, when Doug agrees with someone politically, he isn't hesitant to compliment that person for the things he or she has written. He sent me a similarly complimentary e-mail when I wrote a letter to him regarding how I thought that Joe Birkett was an unprincipled person who had made a huge mistake by allying himself with Judy Baar Topinka.

    I made the mistake of thinking, based on what Doug said to me in his e-mail message to me, that he and I had established a rapport. But I now know that Doug Ibendahl is a two-faced, arrogant person whose sense of ethics and morality leaves much to be desired.

    For more details, visit

    By the way, Tom, I know that you like Jack Roeser. And for all I know, I might like him, too. I never got the chance to find out, because I never got the chance to meet him, thanks to Doug Ibendahl's despicably condescending attitude towards people, such as myself, who are struggling financially.