Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Judy Baar Topinka Has Become the Liberal Candidate for Governor in This Election…and Conservatives Should Realize It

judy convention
Stalwart Republicans who have been frustrated at the lack of philosophical coherence from the Republican gubernatorial nominee—wondering whether she has any conservative instincts at all—will likely find their answer later today: none. She is ready to join the ASCME protest today to demand that Gov. Blagojevich re-hire some 1,800 fired state Corrections Department employees. The ASCME union that has endorsed her has won her approval to join them in lock-step to make the demand.

So not only is Topinka at odds with her own party’s national platform on abortion, gay rights and most recently on the concept of marriage as a contract between one man and one woman, she is enlisted in this state in a blatantly extreme liberal proposition: to forestall the shrinkage of government. If she goes through with her earlier stated support of the re-hiring today, she makes Rod Blagojevich the conservative in the race. Topinka’s leftward lunge is the last step toward total renunciation of conservative and Republican principles that began with her many years ago. Already she is speeding by the milestones on the left set by Jim Thompson, Jim Edgar and George Ryan.

Now let us look at the impact of the position Topinka is taking on the re-hiring. I’ve talked to Republican budget experts who say that conservatively, if she and ASCME would get their way and add 1,800 or so employees to the department, the cost to taxpayers would be $110 million annually. Let us assume that these re-hires serve the state for twenty years, which is the average. It would cost the taxpayers $2.8 billion. The only way the state of Illinois could afford this mammoth expenditure is to pass an income tax increase. Thus Topinka, who has never overruled the possibility of an increase, now supports an effort that would guarantee one—the rehiring of Corrections department people despite the fact that the department has cut in half the number of staff assaults despite the cut in personnel.

For months I have been mystified by the support of a number of so-called regular Democrats who, undercover, hope for the election of Judy Baar Topinka for two reasons: she will provide a tax hike that some feel is essential for the continued expansion of state government—and is certifying her liberal views by endorsing the public employees’ demand that the governor re-hire.

The time is not fast coming—it has already arrived—when not only conservatives but Republicans of all philosophical shades must decide how they can support one who stands in flagrant opposition to every Republican and conservative tenet. One may refuse to support the party’s social policies, may refuse to endorse for reelection a gallant Republican United States Senator, may make fun of an embattled Republican president in an on-the-record interview with a nationally syndicated columnist. Now the last vestige of conservatism—fiscal integrity and prudent state spending—is being stripped away showing that Ms. Topinka is most decidedly the liberal candidate in this election.

I have criticized the governor many times—but it is an anomaly that by merely holding the line releasing unneeded state employees, he has become the conservative in this contest. Topinka’s outrageous support of flagrant spending and a certain tax hike with this action makes it no contest.

Before the President comes to Illinois, conservatives should reject her candidacy and demonstrate to him that her candidacy is not worth the candle.


  1. If we are to judge our candidates by ASCME then we would be supporting Dems for the last 30 years or so. ASCME supported Edgar when he was running -- I remember -- I was working for the state at the time and also working on the Edgar campaign. ASCME either supported or were friendly to both Thompson and Ryan.

  2. Judy Barr Topinka is no friend of the conservative movement or the Republican Party. I see nothing but damage coming from her candidacy and election as Govenor! It is going to harm everything the conservative movement and Republican Party stand for and set up back decades.

    Come on Patrick Fitz... Indict Both of them!!! QUICK!!!! BUSH.... Stay at home, don't come to Illinois for Topinka... it will only tarnish your reputation among conservatives even more.

  3. Judy seems to be in the mold of George Ryan. Both in disguise as Republicans but very much Democrats. Based on her beliefs, she is disgrace and detriment to the Republicans.

  4. Blago is going out of his way to get rid of Republican hires in state government.... And you, Tom, are aiding him!!! This election is all about patronage. When you look at Blago and Topinka, as far as social issues, are basically the same. I can't speak on fiscal issues, that will hopefully be known in August. But I want to see Rs hired for state work. I want to see Ds out of there. That is the way that it works, Tom. But if you want to bitch about social issues, don't complain when Judy loses and your buddies lose their jobs because Blago wants the Rs out!!! You are no Republican, Tom.

  5. Now THAT is catchy!

    As a conservative, I'm disgusted with the Illinois GOP and their backing of Topinka from way back when.

    Tom, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the conductor of the GOP train wreck, aka Andy McKenna.

    Help! I'm a Republican in a sea of RINO's.

  6. Lovie, let me respectively disagree with you. It's not about hiring Republicans or Democrats, it is about hiring good Illinoisans that get the job done and are qualified to be doing that job.

    These are human lives we are dealing with... people with spouses, children, bills... why should their job hang on the edge just because of who is in office.

    Hear me now, it's not about democrat or republican, white or black or asian or whatever, male or female, straight or gay, etc etc... If you do a good job and/or are qualified for the job, then you keep it. If you do a poor job and/or aren't qualified for the job, then you lose it and shouldn't have been hired in the first place.

    I disagree with Governor Blagojevich and any other politician that puts the ax to people of the opposite party. However, just because you are a democrat/republican in a position that hires/fires, you should not hire people of your particular political party on the sole factor that they are apart of your political party.

    What would happen in an Isbell Administration (and should happen in any administration): If you are skilled--keep your job. If you are more qualified than the other applicants-- you get hired! If not, you aren't working here even if you are a Republican just like me. It's high time that we start juding people based on their character and person other than what party they are affiliated with.

    Do you hear me Illinoisans? It should be about the everyday person and what makes them not about their political party and what the party stands for.

  7. Really, Tom, re-hiring state workers times 20 years requires a state income tax increase??? The lack of logic is astounding.

    Judy is against traditional marriage because she supports Peter Fitzgerald's legislation on marriage??? I guess Peter Fitzgerald then is also against traditional marriage.

    Rod, the no holds barred abortion and gun control advocate is more conservative that Judy??? The fact is, Judy is to the right of Jim Edgar.

    Tom, our bias is overriding your judgment.

  8. I'll vote for Blagojevich because I want to purge the Ryanites and their ilk from the Republican Party in Illinois. If Topinka's elected, she'll play footsie with the Dems in the legislature just like Ryan did and we'll all be the losers then. At least Blagojevich will do what he can to irritate the heck out of the legislators and that's not such a bad thing. However, I think one can make a good case that many of the laid-off employees in the prison system deserve to be hired back due to safety issues.

  9. Because I won't sell out my Second Amendment rights because someone with a losing track record wants more influence within a political party.

    I voted in the past for a guy who was AGAINST guns (Peter Fitzgerald, 1998) but took the "right" positions on social issues.

    I'll vote this time for someone who is RIGHT on guns but maybe doesn't have my stand on social issues. Rod is AGAINST guns and AGAINST everything else I stand for.

    Tom, your message is that if you're single issue (Anti-JBT), you can tell Second Amendment conservatives to 'Go to H*ll'. They will remember.

    That's short sighted, and bodes poorly for future conservative prospects.

  10. Stop with that talk of skilled people keeping their jobs. Leaving the other party's people in, makes your administration extrememly open for leaks. Look at Bush and the CIA, Homeland Security, FBI. Look at all the crap leaked out of their. Not to mention the State Department. When you are elected to office, you need to bring your people with you. It would be great if this were a world where you could keep the most qualified people in government. Unfortunately, those people will stab you in the back. Your idea just wouldn't be sensible in the real world.

  11. Stop with that talk of skilled people keeping their jobs. Leaving the other party's people in, makes your administration extrememly open for leaks. Look at Bush and the CIA, Homeland Security, FBI. Look at all the crap leaked out of their. Not to mention the State Department. When you are elected to office, you need to bring your people with you. It would be great if this were a world where you could keep the most qualified people in government. Unfortunately, those people will stab you in the back. Your idea just wouldn't be sensible in the real world.

  12. Now, one surely wouldn't be stupid enough to have his top advisors as people from the different party.

    However, the everyday IDOT or Prison worker that is skilled enough to keep his job shouldn't lose it just because you don't agree with his politics.

    If someone leaks information, then that would be a reason to terminate. However, let's have some faith in people. The everyday worker shouldn't have information that is confidential anyhow.

    I know some Democrats that are honest, hardworking good people... I know some Republicans that aren't. The Republican shouldn't automatically get the job.

    Just so you know, Democrats can be conservative too. In fact, I know quite a few Dems that are more conservative than the Republican Gubernatorial Candidate.

    If you leak information, you are responsible. I can't think of that many things in state government that would be considered classified, however, if it is leaked, the leaker should pay the consequences not the administration.

    I trust and respect all people unless they do something that makes me feel otherwise. Maybe I am living in a bubble, or maybe I am just hopeful of the future!

  13. Judy is the only true option for those who want to remove the federallis from perpetual patronage investigations at the State and County levels. Not to mention the current travails of King Richard the Second.
    So in a world where Tom Delay is still on the ballot and Democrats in the largest County in the state are soon to hopelessly divided, we have those "Noble Puritan Republicans" who are wearing gas masks and fleeing victory rather than embracing the last best hope in a Edgar-like moderate who will fiscally run toward center-right. Give Rod a chance to continue to live off of unpaid pension funds for state employees OR give Judy a chance to prove shee will not raise taxes. Not much of a choice for the discerning pundit as the feds continue to count:
    1. Ex-Governor
    2. Mayor
    3. Sitting Governor
    The Daley unravelling has started. Cook County, the largest cache of votes is up for grabs with reform democrats locked out of the process. Back Judy before its too late. Consider the fact that she is the option.
    Ralph W. Conner