Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Political Shootout Sunday: Alderman Moore vs. Posner.

joe moore
Political Shootout this coming Sunday will feature Alderman Joe Moore [49th], main author of the foie gras ban in Chicago restaurants (although the alderman is a firm supporter of abortion even in late term), a Democratic National Committeeman and Kathy Posner, former head of her own public relations agency, Republican chairman of the executive committee of the City Club and pro-lifer. That’s Sunday on WLS-AM (890) at 8 p.m.

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  1. You've had this pair on before. The Republican is a Daley cheerleader who loves the billions spent on Billionium Park among other largess and graft under Daley.

    Moore is an extreme left wing alderman who battles Daley and fights for massive tax increases and government regulation and against the Bill of Rights (starting with the Second Amendment).

    Will Posner still take the role of a Daley apologist after all these indictments and convictions because she likes the flowers along Michigan Avenue (and the fact her property tax and sales tax dollars do not go to one of the most corrupt cities in America since she lives in the suburbs)?

    I guess we will have to tune in to find out. Maybe she has changed her mind. The culture of corruption in Chicago, Crook County and the State will never change if Republicans don't attack the corruption in the Democratic Party which is well represented in the city (Daley, Emanuel, Schakowsky, Stroger, Burke, Blago, et al) because the lakefront is “pretty”.