Friday, May 12, 2006

Personal Asides

Contributor John Powers says that Sens. Obama and Durbin championing a $0.54 a gallon fuel tax on imported ethanol aren’t helping at a time when we’re paying $3.00 plus a gallon in Evanston. I don’t think prices would drop 54 cents if they took it off but it would be cheaper if we would quit taxing ourselves to death. Right-on!...John Kass’s columns in the Tribune on Daley are right on the money, courageous and well-written…A number of readers tell me they’re having trouble posting comments. Are you one of them? We’re going to fix it.

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A number of you liked the made-up historic CNN Wolf Blitzer-Bill Schneider piece yesterday. Remember Schneider is an analyst not reporter and his views are valid in journalism. But note how bad military news can be shaded adroitly. Re-read the piece again and notice how Blitzer and Schneider emphasize negatives as they do on Iraq. At the time Blitzer and Schroeder were lamenting lack of progress, Grant was hurtling ahead and rising, preparing to head the Army of the Potomac and then to link up with his friend Bill Sherman. Notice there was nothing inaccurate in their discussion, just the preponderant weight they gave to certain facts and dismissal they gave to others


  1. The War of Northern Aggression decided the future of the United States of America whereas the War on Iraq does nothing of the sort (except for Americans who died or were maimed needlessly and the near $1 trillion price tag).

    Next stops on the Neocon Express - Iran and Syria.

  2. Actually, if you read contemporary accounts of the Civil War, it's hard to discern the "shading" in Schneider's essay. Everything put in the reporters' mouths in his essay has its echo in what the newspapers and people were saying about the war and Lincoln. In fact, Lincoln himself did not expect to win reelection given his own understanding of the situation. It was the fall of Atlanta that turned things around.