Monday, May 22, 2006

Personal Asides: Somewhere in Dallas...Congratulations to Mike Fiasco for Winning on “Old Ironsides”…Mildred Malek and the Frank Nofsingers Come Close on Johnny Mercer…Carol Marin Writes a Good Column, Finally…and Lynn Sweet Tells Us How

Somewhere—either in Dallas or on the planes to and fro where they recycle the air—I caught a bug and it’s lasting too long, but as soon as I shake it, I’ll be my old self…Congratulations to Blog reader Mike Fiasco who got the poem right on Classic Quiz: “Old Ironsides” by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., father of the Supreme Court jurist of the same name, who wrote the poem to save the historic windjammer Constitution from being scrapped in the Boston navy yard—and the ship is still docked there to this day. It is the oldest ship still registered as an official warship in the American navy. Good job, Mike!

People did well on the Johnny Mercer round-up quiz, coming close but no victory cigar. Mildred Malek got them all but left one blank. The answers are: You’ve Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby…When the World Was Young…Jeepers Creepers…Lazybones…Hooray for Hollywood…Too Marvelous for Words…Day in Day out…Come Rain of Come Shine…Atchison, Topeka & the Santa Fe…Autumn Leaves…I’m Old Fashioned…Something’s Gotta Give…and Dream, Dream, Dream. The one she left blank was Fashioned as in Old Fashioned. But you qualify as a Mercer addict runner-up, Mildred!

The Nofsingers similarly did well but were wrong on the last one: Dream a Little Dream of Me. It was Dream, Dream, Dream. Mercer wrote the song for the Chesterfield Hour on radio to push cigarette smoking in those happy pre-politically but health-endangered correct days. It went: Dream, when you’re feelin’ blue/ Dream, that’s the thing to do/ Dream as the smoke rings rise in the air/ You’ll find you share/ of memories there! You two are the most faithful contributors and astute as well, which you become from reading The Wanderer!

It has come to my attention (through my oldest son who is a Carol Marin fan, actually) that I have never said a good word about her as a columnist. I checked and he is right. But that hasn’t influenced me because it is important to stand up to pressure, even from family. But happily this impasse is rectified. It is as a gesture to him that I now point out that Carol Marin has written her first good column since joining the Sun-Times as political columnist: this is not a slur—some spend lifetimes and never do. Her column on Tony Peraica was not that of an outraged moralist but about one who has turned to show-biz to energize his County Board presidency run. It is first rate…All the while, Lynn Sweet shows us how. In one of her really great columns which was at once educational, instructive and demonstrative of her political street smarts, Lynn shows a bewildered Todd Stroger what he should have done within the Democratic party to get the choice as his father’s successor nailed down. Now that kind of stuff from Lynn is really revelatory and her contributions, as I have said before, excel in this Democratic newspaper of record.

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  1. Patrick McDonoughMay 22, 2006 at 4:38 PM

    Mr. Roeser, as one of your greatest fan, some of us greatly respect what Ms. Marin does at exposing corruption in Mayor Daley's Administration. She does not accept Daley's Spin and lies. Please hava another show with J. Terrence Brunner and more of Daley's lackies. Those are classics. Patrick McDonough.