Saturday, May 13, 2006

If You Absolutely Detest Literature and Love Politics, Tell me

...without cheating the real name of Gerald Ford before he was adopted. First one who posts gets a free cup of coffee from me.


  1. I don't know his full name but I remember his first name was Leslie.

  2. Leslie Lynch King, Jr.

  3. Let me guess-- Fritz Chrysler?
    Seriously, as my lady wife and I live in the Peoples' Republic of CT, we enjoy the memories you are leaving your descendants, and your quizzes on any subject much more than IL politics, but that is your rice bowl.
    Live long & perspire!

  4. I just wrote a paper on Ford. He was named Leslie Lynch King, Jr. after his mother's first husband. Apparently, King, Sr. was abusive, so little Leslie and his mother fled from Nebraska to her parents' home in Grand Rapids, MI. After Ford's mom remarried, he was renamed Gerald R. Ford, Jr. However, Ford, Sr. never officially adopted Junior. P.S. I love politics, and I'll be in the class that you are teaching at Roosevelt University in the fall. See you in September.