Friday, May 5, 2006

If Todd Stroger Gets the Nod to Succeed His Father... Democratic candidate for Cook County Board president as reported to be a shoo-in by Sneed, will it be a low-point in recent county politics? Everybody knows John Stroger can’t come back—indeed, any thought that he is running the show having had that massive stroke, is ridiculous. My opinion is that his son Todd doesn’t have the stature to do the job except his last name…it would be a cynical plot to keep Stroger’s time-serving patronage army at work. If it happens would this be a chance for Republican Tony Peraica to come on strong and maybe get elected?

Your comments?

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  1. Does anyone really know whether Tony Peraica is truly a convert from the Chicago Democrat machine to the GOP or is he one of the most sinister wolves in sheep's clothing in the history of the Chicago Democrat machine with deep ties back into the 11th ward? While I like many of his positions I can't really say I know Peraica or those who surround him.