Saturday, May 6, 2006

Here It Is! The Big Topinka Fund-Raiser! But Wait-a Big Name is Missing!

Invitations for a big fund-raiser for Judy Baar Topinka have just hit the mail. It’ll be May 23 at Fulton’s on the River: 11:30 to 1:30 p.m. luncheon. The big speaker will be Christie Todd Whitman, former governor of New Jersey and head of the EPA.

It costs $5,000 to co-host. Co-hosts include: Mary Jo Arndt; Bob and Trish Barr; Terry Barnich; Gavin Campbell (Steel Bridge Capitol, Inc.); Beth Doria (Alliance Associates); Christine Dudley; Mary Gade (Sonnenschein law firm); Lynn Martin; Judy and Ray McCaskey; Jim Montana (whose wife is the paid Topinka fund-raiser); Clark Pellett; Alice Phillips; Jayne Thompson; Douglas Whitley, president of the Illinois State Chamber…and The Log Cabin Republicans of Chicago.

But wait! Where’s Jim Edgar? Isn’t he the guy who told us only Judy could win? Why hasn’t he plunked down $5000? Tight as a tick he is but you’d imagine he’d back his convictions up with money, wouldn’t you?


  1. Lovie's LeatherMay 6, 2006 at 6:52 PM

    So Jim Edgar didn't pay the $5000. His name is a big part of why she is going to be the next governor. He has to pay her too? This is a yawn... who really cares???...

  2. Topinka has as much chance of being the next governor as her hand picked candidate for US Senate, Alan Keyes, had of being the junior senator from the State of Illinois.

    It looks like Jim Edgar has stepped off of the Titanic while there were still lifeboats. Too bad he didn't support a conservative republican but like Jim Thompson and George Ryan, he never had any principals to begin with.