Tuesday, May 9, 2006

At Last the Sun-Times and NBC-TV Found Something for Carol Marin to Do

carol marin
...resurrecting a 30-year murder convictee. Understand, as long as she’s off politics it’s o.k. with me but for the life of me I can’t understand the news interest in it. What’s next: re-visiting the jail break of Terrible Tommy O’Connor in 1921? I can understand Channel 5 doing it, something to do with the sweeps evidently but I can’t believe it’s anything more than yesterday’s cold mashed potatoes) but for the Sun-Times to be running it front-page, banner-line for two days in a row is mystifying. Am I mistaken in thinking this 30-year murder string has legs? It has a sex angle which may titillate TV gawkers but are we down to this with tabloid readers? Guess so. Ugh. All comments welcome but particularly from anyone more conversant with newspaper strategy than I.


  1. I wasn't aware Carol Marin's NBC coverage of this story. Though I won't claim any "conversance" with newspaper strategies, I suspect that, with the legwork done or nearly completed for one, a proposal for presentation in the other outlet was made and accepted.

    Just a hunch.

    By the way, revisitig the 1921 jail break might make for more interesting reading -- at least if it's compared or contrasted with the more recent Cook County Jail escapes.

  2. Isn't it weird seeing Carol Marin working again with WMAQ? Have they gotten their credibility back? Has she lost hers?