Friday, April 28, 2006

Tony Snow Seems Just Right for Bush

To me at least, the selection of Fox commentator Tony Snow for press secretary to George Bush looks right, feels right. It helps greatly with Bush’s conservative base that he picked a real live journalist to succeed the mechanical robot Scott McClellan—one who criticized Bush rightly in the past. As one who briefly met and talked with Tony Snow when he was in Chicago a few years ago at the WLS gala, I’m impressed that not only is he a superb choice but that he has the winning and sunny Reagan credentials to be somebody on his own in the future in elective office. But there’s one problem with Snow as a veteran White House correspondent told me yesterday: a good commentator is one who polarizes, invents sound bytes and sets the phones ringing. That’s what Tony Snow can do all right. But that isn’t exactly what a press secretary to president should do.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves: suffice it to say that the forecast for Snow cheers me very much. Your view on Snow: a blessing for Bush, overbilled or carrying the potential of disaster?

1 comment:

  1. Tony is such a NEOCON BOOB!

    He tows the neo-con line very well on his radio show and on Fox. Thus it is obvious Bush picked him.

    He could careless about the faults of China Trade and the "FREE" trade mantra.

    He baubles on the border issues.

    He loves the Iraq War.

    He is just perfect for BUSH.

    By the way, is it not sweet that the Chicago Area that many Catholic Churches are helping to organize the "undocumented" to protest on the traditional COMMUNIST workers holiday of MAY DAY!