Sunday, April 23, 2006

Tabloid Issue #1: The Duke University Lacrosse Team “Scandal” Kept Alive by the Intriguing Race Card—That and Jesse, Sr. and the Media

Media-Ignored Truth: Racial Racketeering Hockum.

An elected white prosecutor, keenly aware that the heavy concentration of African-American voters in his district requires him to bring charges against two Duke lacrosse team members…A poor black stripper, mother of two, working her way through college vs. elitist white rich boys who have all the advantages…The stripper sending a letter to a New York p. r. firm asking freebie advice about how to leverage this national story to her advantage…One alleged rapist shown to have left the party after the attack supposedly took place…Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. shouting in Durham on the white media, getting them to cower, volunteering to pay the stripper’s college tuition…Authorities release an e-mail written hours after the party by a lacrosse player threatening to kill and skin an exotic danger—but he is proved not to have been involved…Defense lawyers produce DNA tests that doesn’t match any of the players…It’s a natural set-up for a Tom Wolfe novel with prejudicial media editing copy and video to support the stripper.

My view: racial racketeering at work. Your views?


  1. I can't resist your request for comment.

    My understanding is that the stripper-student did not receive tuition payments from those accused in exchange for dropping charges (or services); Jesse Jackson's group(s) offered to pay tuition.

    Though it may be an unusual way to select "scholarship" recipients (Who would want "in" on that committee?), is it racketeering? No way.

  2. I can't get emotional about this case. Strippers and the guys who hire them are in the same slimebucket. Either the guys or the girls were trouble, and now it one and the same. I can't quite figure who is victimized here.

  3. The press that is. I agree the players were wrong to hire the striper but to be wrongly accused of rape is by far greater wrong and the media loves playing the race card almost as much as Jesse.

    1. DNA tests indicate none of the 46 white Lacrosse players (the lone black teammate was not tested) tested positive vs. any evidence obtained. Time stamped pictures indicate the accuser was smiling and not in distress and a cab driver who was with one of the charged team members during the time the accuser says she was rape said he drove the accused to an ATM and then to pick up food and that he was not acting strange nor does he think he was involved in any way.

    2. The stripper's partner said she did not witness rape but is upset and says "they are guilty" because defense attorneys disclosed both strippers criminal pasts. The prosecutor has waived her bond for breaking probation in her conviction of $25,000 theft from a payroll company she formerly worked for.

    The truth will come out and I seriously doubt any rape occurred. Hopefully these young men and others around the country learn a lesson which is you play with the snakes and you are bound to be bitten.