Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Sunday’s “Political Shootout”.

jack franks
Well, not a Shootout. This one is going to be different. I describe the participants in another place on this blog. This Sunday guests will be State Rep. Jack Franks, chairman of the State Government Operations committee of the House and Ron Gidwitz, whose race for the GOP governorship I enjoyed (I hope he thinks it was worth the effort and money). Both of them who met only once before, on my earlier show, are interested in Zero-Based Budgeting for state government. I have the very strong feeling that no matter who is elected this time, he/she will throw up his/her hands and go for an income tax hike. Both Franks and Gidwitz don’t want that to happen and both believe that only with the implementation of Zero-Based can we avoid it. So it won’t be the usual zinging each other back and forth—but it will be exciting, from two men who have dared to challenge the conventional wisdom. Do tune in—next Sunday at 8 on WLS-AM. I don’t think they’ll be disputing much because both are fiscal conservatives—but you’ll want to get in your two cents!

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  1. Tom,
    I have great respect for your opinions, but I beg to differ with you when you describe the free-spending Jack Franks a fiscal conservative. Is that how Franks described himself in a press release from his office?

    I always laugh whenever I hear Democrat like Franks described as a fiscal conservative but a social moderate (or, in rare cases, a social liberal.)

    Nevertheless, I will tune in Sunday night. Keep up the good work.