Monday, April 10, 2006

Short Shrifts: Kass and Rove…Katie Couric as Transitional Figure…The Nerve of That Bush

As Gibbon has written, “even Homer nods.” Perhaps the blind poet’s fellow Greek, one of my favorites, John Kass of the Tribune, does also. In an otherwise superb column on Jan Schaikowsky and her convict husband, which I’ve praised earlier, my favorite columnist has added—unnecessarily—that he (Kass) would like to have Karl Rove’s head on a pike. Why? What has Rove done aside from being the best political strategist for Republicans since Mark Hanna? All attempts to link him to the (now ridiculous) Valerie Plame case didn’t work. Or was it John’s attempt to show he is even-handed. If so, methinks should have found examples of Republican perfidy which abound, not Rove. Your views? Was John needless critical of Rove?


The Wall Street Journal, one of the great newspapers, reported Saturday the full story that puts the Katie Couric hiring by CBS News into perspective. CBS is ready and willing to sell the CBS News division to a cable conglomerate…either CNN owned by Time-Warner, or Fox. Say it’s Time Warner. The deal might be it buys CBS News, then leases back “60 Minutes,” “CBS Evening News” and a morning news-talk for inclusion in the regular CBS schedule. Cost of running CBS News goes to Time Warner, CBS gets news programming and ad revenue to cover the leasing fees and FCC approval for its “public service” requirement to keep its broadcast license. But CBS has to fatten up its news division, which is why Couric was brought in to build up its reputation sagging after Dan Rather. If she can do it, she’ll be worth the $15 million. At the same time, stealing her causes consternation to CBS’s rival NBC. Couric becomes a “transitional figure” as an anticipatory vehicle for the future sale. I’d love to see CBS News go to Fox to watch the fur fly with change of personnel.


The nerve of that George W. Bush taking unto himself the power of leaking information that he had previously classified. Who do the liberals think should release it: the Library of Congress?

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  1. Considering how Rove has had his fingers all over this administration, it's not unfair for him to take some brickbats in return from people like Kass. Plus, Rove and Delay are doublemint twins when it comes to the politics of personal destruction. The sooner they vanish from the political scene the better.