Thursday, April 20, 2006

The One Remaining Ryan Story Has No Drama.

A number of liberals who fondly want remember George Ryan as the kind of conservative Republican they love: one who switched his views after election to become anti-death penalty, pro-choice, pro-O’Hare expansion snout-snuffling regular pol rather than the corrupt felon he is, seem to hold out hope that the juror-foreman case will cause a mis-trial. The foreman did not note on her application that she was involved in a litigious divorce, tried to have her ex-husband placed under protective custody. No lawyer or ex-judge I talked to takes this seriously. The idea that the trial is not yet over is un-founded. Legal precedent is heavily on the side of not overturning jury verdicts without enormous material errors in a trail. Ergo: Ryan can get ready to try out his stripes.

Your comments?

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  1. I just hope you're right about Ryan's verdict not being overthrown due to questions about the jury. I wonder, though, if he'll be able to stay out of jail as long as they are making appeals. By the way, what do you think about the cutesy way Michael Sneed has been treating Ryan lately in her columns?