Monday, April 3, 2006

One Man’s Opinion on

Last Night’s “Political Shootout”

The Terry Barnich-Joe Moore combination on last night’s Political Shootout was fun. I must say I enjoy the lawyerly way Barnich approaches the issues—but by his own admission, Terry isn’t a movement conservative (but as he says, a Republican who wants to win). I always thought one could be both…but anyhow the combination was electric. Joe Moore, the very liberal alderman for the 49th ward is a movement liberal, or as he would prefer, progressive. I came away from the broadcast thinking that it is Judy Baar Topinka’s loss that Barnich won’t direct the campaign until November, but he’s got a business to run. Last night I learned that both sides are uneasy about Sen. James Meeks, believing that he could cost them plenty. Barnich thought that Meeks would probably take more off Blagojevich’s hide than Topinka’s. I agree with that. Your comments? Who would stand to lose more if Meeks gets into the race?...


  1. Frank Penn! That is if he does decide to be Meeks' running mate.

  2. Who would stand to lose more if Meeks gets into the election for governor?

    Those who wish to hold on to the tax exempt status of his church.