Saturday, April 15, 2006

Meeks and Humble of Heart

State Sen. James Meeks has just met with Francis Cardinal George, not to urge support but to explain his possible third-party campaign for governor to the prelate. I wish he’d explain it to us as well—with specifics. Sen. Meeks calls himself pro-life. Well and good. But that classification is vague, generalized—in short, evidence of preacher-talk. Is Sen. Meeks for the overturning of Roe v. Wade? If Roe v. Wade is overturned, will Sen. Meeks honor the long-ago resolution which passed the Illinois General Assembly by a heavy vote that declared abortions will be illegal in this state? Why did the Senator vote wrong by pro-life standards on embryonic stem cell? Why did the Senator vote wrong by pro-life standards on making abortifacients available on an over-the-counter basis.

Why haven’t the media asked Sen. Meeks where he stands on abortion rather than merely repeating his generalities? Why haven’t the media asked him for his understanding of church-and-state and his hustling votes from the pulpit of a church which is tax-exempt? Why haven’t the media asked him to explain his homily delivered on March 26 in which he asked white churches to call him and tell him to run for governor, using these words:

“If I do run and there are two people in the race who both are not standing for morality, if I don’t get every white Christian vote in the state of Illinois, I will stand on top of the Sears Tower and call every one of ya’ll racist!” Frankly, if Meeks’ pro-life stand is as complete as he indicates, he’d probably have the right to make that charge. But the fact is we don’t know where Meeks stands despite his willingness to publicize his potential candidacy. That’s not Meeks’ fault; it’s the media’s.

Incidentally, has anyone heard of a preacher urging parishioners to stay away from church on Easter so as to have the seats filled by those who only go once a year? That’s what Reverend-Senator Meeks did. Anybody have any comments on that one? Use Reader’s Comments.


  1. Tom it is time you focused on the ECONOMY of the State of Illinois. Forget the Catholic Church issues, social issues, etc. The future of the state is at stake with what is now going on in the state's economy.

    Bluntly, Tom, the state has been a LOSER in the Globalism race: Read the following quote from the Sun Times:

    "Over the past 15 years, Illinois lost more than 225,200 high paying manufacturing jobs with with good benefits. Meanwhile most new jobs have been in the low-paying, low- or no benefit service sector. Projections are that more than half of all new jobs created in the next decade will pay less than the current average occupational wage of $38,139. We need a real development path, not rhetoric, to counter this trend."

    Tom get off your social soapbox and address this issue. OR DON'T YOU THINK IT IS IMPORTANT.....

    Remember the phrase, "ITS THE ECONOMY STUPID?"

    Well Tom what is YOUR idea about the economy.... Devote a Shootout Show to it.

    We all know Blago is bad for the Economy of the state.......

    Or go on being consumed with the Catholic Church, MEEKS, and the rest of the non essential BLAH BLAH. GET IT TOM!

  2. Stop pandering to the conservative Christians and if I hear another MAN talk about abortion, I'll scream. Men should not decide the right of women to have an abortion. If men had babies, you can bet you'd be one of the first to make sure that you had the option.