Friday, April 28, 2006

George Allen Fading on Social Issues as Possible Presidential Candidate.

Fred Barnes’ Op Ed in The Wall Street Journal was the tip-off; now a veteran member of the White House press corps who was here visiting with me last night confirmed it: Virginia Senator and former governor George Allen, who is thinking about the presidency in 2008, is good on most things but shy on abortion, the key social issue. Believe it or not, he would not level with Barnes about repeal of Roe v. Wade. Why he wobbles when he strives to be Ronald Reagan circa 2006 is a mystery. Recent talk about Condi Rice and Rudy Giuliani has petered out: Rice is definitely out, finally convincing people that she isn’t playing coy but is insistently firm about not running. Giuliani’s chances have begun to slip with the fact that he has not taken steps to reach a compromise on social issues with GOP conservatives.

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