Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Congratulations Again to Lynn Sweet

Once in a very long while, George Tagge, political editor, of the old unitary (conservative interpretative news linked with conservative editorials) Tribune would depart from partisan practice to write a scathing piece about a dissident Republican. One notable one was about liberal GOPer Wendell Willkie’s off-hand statement that his stated opposition to joining the war in the campaign of 1940 was “campaign oratory.” Tagge unearthed the comment, made in a legal deposition, and blasted it front-page so that Willkie, who was trying for a comeback in the Wisconsin primary of 1944, was scorched. Excellent.

Lynn Sweet has now departed from so-called liberal orthodoxy to write a brilliant story about how Rep. Bobby Rush got a more than $1 million bequest from the SBC foundation for a civic organization he founded in time for a decision that Congressman is about to make on an issue affecting SBC that is before his committee. Whether Rush will recuse himself or change his vote is anybody’s guess. When you’re black and get elected in a heavily black district you can do anything since when attacks come you can call them racist as Rush is about to do (hi, there Cynthia McKinney). Rush is not a favorite of Ms. Sweet. He did not support the Greatest Man in the Universe Either White or Black, Barack Obama for the U. S. Senate preferring a multi-millionaire candidate Blair Hull. That was because Obama ran against Rush earlier but opposing Obama is a no-no. Rush is also flirting with the Accordion Lady, Judy Baar Topinka and has delivered black votes for her before, when she beat Tom Dart for Treasurer. That heresy must be punished. Your comments?

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  1. I can't speak to Sweet's motivation, but it sounds like the type of typical SBC (now AT&T) behavior that led to the scathing federal court decision during Blagojevich's first year in office.