Thursday, April 13, 2006


Theodore Cardinal McCarrick of Washington, D.C. is shown in a full color shot in The New York Times addressing the immigrant rally in that town. Interesting how liberal members of the prelature can get worked up about issues affecting the left side of the spectrum. I don’t remember hearing that McCarrick addressed a pro-life rally on an issue that the Church has been supportive of for 2,000 years. Of course, McCarrick was the famed prelate who hid the most significant message on not giving Communion to pro-abort Catholic lawmakers. He read only part of the message to the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, without giving the portion in which then Josef Cardinal Ratzinger said it was entirely valid to deny the sacrament. Sly old McCarrick is a good friend of Ted Kennedy and other liberal Democrats for whom he seeks to ease the discomfort of disobeying their Church he represents. . When he was on his death bed, Thomas Cardinal Wolsey, Catholic archbishop of Canterbury, reflected that his major effort, trying to dicker approval of a divorce from Rome to satisfy his king, Henry VIII, had failed and he was banished because of it. Wolsey gasped these last words: “If I had served my God with the earnestness with which I served my king [Henry VIII], I should feel vastly more relieved as I prepare to meet my Maker.” This blog doesn’t judge McCarrick—but if the shoe and the analogy fits

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