Monday, April 24, 2006

Blagojevich’s Anti-Topinka Commercials Working: In Reverse

This is just one conservative’s opinion, but to me Gov. Blagojevich’s anti-Topinka TV commercials are working in reverse. It is not possible that I will vote for Topinka, but the governor’s two recent commercials gave me a more favorable impression of her. One commercial said she is against the assault weapons ban, saying that the rolling pin can be viewed as an assault weapon. Right she is. There is no counter to Topinka in the commercial, just the statement: “What is she thinking?” Oh, that answers it, does it?

The second commercial says that Topinka is against penalizing the rich. Again: “what is she thinking?” Boy, that’s a powerful rejoinder, isn’t it? I would paraphrase this question to Blagojevich’s packaging team. If you think Topinka doesn’t require an answer, what are you thinking?

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