Monday, March 27, 2006

Very Few Objections to This Blog’s Stand on Topinka

Far more people supported this blog’s recommendation to leave the governor category blank rather than vote for Judy Baar Topinka—to keep the Illinois GOP out of Combine hands with her loss—but there was some support for voting for Rod Blagojevich. Frankly, leaving the space blank or voting for Blagojevich is of little difference to me so long as Topinka isn’t elected by passive Republican voters. Her readiness to defeat Peter Fitzgerald, based on her steadfast refusal as State GOP Chairman to support his reelection was the final straw. Her disingenuousness and duplicity cannot be rationalized or defended.

This is the first time in more than fifty years with political experience in two states that this writer has determined not to vote for governor, cognizant that his refusal to support the Republican candidate could in some small measure help the Democratic incumbent—but he has no twinges of guilt about that. In fact, he has voted for Democratic gubernatorial candidates before. He voted for Democrats Michael Howlett and Adlai Stevemson III over Jim Thompson, votes that have turned out rather well in the review of Illinois history. In 1998 he voted for Democrat Glenn Poshard, the distinctly better candidate when compared to George Ryan. Earlier, after having voted for primary opponents to Governor Edgar and lost, he voted for Edgar in the general election—an easy choice particularly when Comptroller Dawn Clark Netsch and Attorney General Neil Hartigan were involved.

It is fair to say that this blog could have voted for Ron Gidwitz in the general election because his views on social liberalism are not passionate and could easily be balanced against his signal virtues, such as his determination to bring the budget and spending into line and his willingness to serve one term if necessary, risking voter alienation to get good things done. It could have voted for Bill Brady in the general albeit with diminished enthusiasm because of his strange assaults on fellow conservative Jim Oberweis rather than Topinka or Gidwitz—but could have voted for him anyhow, given what it perceived—and still perceive, it believes and hopes—are his views.

There was at least one hostile rejoinder in Reader’s Comments to the decision to leave the category open—that from a strong 2nd amendment supporter named Tom who said that it is folly to regard the future of the Republican party over the future of gun rights. The respondent obviously feels that gun rights are to be valued over other issues including life or Topinka’s treacherous attack on Peter Fitzgerald. But this blog thinks he should recognize that by sacrificing the Republican party in a vote for one who, history shows, cannot be trusted for telling the truth, would be distinctly the wrong choice to make.


  1. Lovie's LeatherMarch 27, 2006 at 4:14 AM

    Topinka may not be the social conservative that many republicans would like to see. But she is definately better than our current governor. She does support a ban on partial-birth abortion and supports parental notification. It's a start. Your opinion is the reason I have given up on conservatives in the Republican party, atleast in Illinois. You will not compromise. There is an opportunity for something better, yet you will not try to win a little battle. Instead, you will take a big loss. Why? You might not have the passion to go out and tell everyone to vote for JBT, but why would you not? Suck it up, Tom. Do what is best for the state of Illinois.

  2. It would be worse for the GOP to have Judy in Springfield than it would to have Rod in Springfield... err Chicago.

  3. Tom is right if for no other reason than that JBT does not deserve the vote of a single conservative for the knifes she stuck in Peter Fitzgerald's back.

    The best thing for the GOP is that JBT goes down and then they can clean out the barn and fumigate the place.

    She won't make a committment on taxes. She won't/can't tell (After 12 years as Treasurer) where she can cut the budget. Sorry to tell my Republican friends this but there is really just one reason people vote GOP - for relief from government. If she won't give people tax relief and won't even commit to not raising taxes there is really no reason under the sun for any conservative votes to go GOP. If they can't be trusted on taxes there's no way they can be trusted on any social issues.

    Support Fitzgerald, ignore JBT.

  4. Remember, Tom, the Combine Conspiracy theory as espoused by the Oberweis camp, Diersen, Rauschenberger, Roeser, etc. is "Bi-partisan", meaning that Blago, the guy who gave the big bucks to big Bob KJ is also in on it.

    As proved on my earlier post, Big Bob KJ really wants Blago to win because Blago is the source of his easy money. Remember, Topinka wheels out Big Bob do secret campaign work for his secret campaign paycheck (see the Topanka Tattler for all the proof), something Big Bob only does to publicly appear loyal. It's true-look at his sad look on the Tattler site.

    Just remember, all things being equal, Big Bob makes more of the easy money with Rod. I am afraid you are wittingly or unwuttingly playing into his hand, and helping himto make the mortgage payment on his house in the Cayman Islands and his Ferrari payments.

  5. nominate someone from the Republican Wing of the Republican Party. Until then, they will continue to lose.

    JBT - 43% tops. Hopefully that will signal an end to her say in Republican affairs of the state again and the Republican Party can distance itself from the Combine and rebuild from scratch. The National Republicans are lost as well and will need to revert to their 1994 roots. A probable defeat in 2006 will hopefully renew the party in time to get a credible candidate in 2008. Bush's socialist spending spree not seen since the days of LBJ are not helping anybody.

  6. Lets face it folks, Judy is just George Ryan in Drag! So lets call Judy our Pandering Political Drag Queen!

    The problem is conservatives have taken the "turn the other cheek" or "meek" approach to confronting moral decline. There is simply no longer any fire in the belly to fight the degeneracy that dominates popular culture! They fear being called names like "homophobe", "xenophobe", "intolerant", "bigot" or worst of all ANTI-SEMETIC! So they wimp out!

    Sadly the mild mannered conservatives have allowed this state to swung too far to the left politically and socially. So the candidates who like to "go along to get along" pander to the low social degeneracy of our time. Ala JUDY!

    Why does this happen?

    To a large measure I blame the Catholic church which is dominant in the Chicago area. AND which in so many areas has embraced liberalism and flushed traditional values down the toilet. Judy is a Catholic and like Mayor Daley and Durbin is PRO-CHOICE....

    Just how the hell can they walk into the church and receive the sacrament? What frauds they are! They should be excommunicated! The problem is that the Catholic Church does NOT hold the politicians feet to the fire on these issues! OR MAYBE IT IS BECAUSE THE PRIESTS AND CARDINAL are part of the problem too. Just look at Cardinal George's spine of JELLO!

    How sad for the Church and tragic for Illinois!

  7. If you ask me, it's pretty much a coin toss as to who would make the worse governor, Topinka or Blagojevich.

    You know what's interesting, I've been listening to Sean Hannity for a long time and he says that he is a conservative first and then a republican. However, I have yet to hear him promote one conservative who wasn't a republican. hhhmmmmm....

    So let me ask you all. What is your underlying principle. Is it republican first or is it principles???? If it is republican first, then your duty is to support Topinka as the Republican Nomination for Governor. If it is Principles first, then you need to consider the fact that the republican party no longer represents principle and support a truly principled man even though he is not a republican.

    If Principles are your first and foremost important issue, then you are left with voting for Stufflebeam for Governor.

    I like his quote from Benjamin Franklin in his definition of insanity -- Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. It truly is time to consider doing something different and voting on principles instead of party which is what has gotten this state in such utter chaos to begin with.

    Just something to consider.