Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Tribune and Rich Miller’s CapitolFax Seek to Discredit Oberweis, Kovarik. They Report Inconsistencies and Miller Cites Cellini’s Disinclination to Attend Rallies or Socialize as Rebuttal of Kovarik

rich miller
Very interesting—but they don’t comment much on the key charge.

The charge of serious impropriety from the former deputy Illinois state treasurer about the record of Judy Baar Topinka—supported by some media—is treated largely as “he says, she says” by the Tribune. CapitolFax newsletter and blog-writer Rich Miller cites inconsistencies from the AP when the Renaissance and Holiday Inn deal broke. All the while, Miller gives Bill Celini’s denials equal weight to the allegations of Martin Kovarik—with Miller also relying on anecdotal recollection: “anyone who knows Cellini, knows he’s a backroom kind of guy if he knows up at all” and the testimony of Irv Smith that what Kovarik said is not so. For even deigning to criticize Topinka, always treated tenderly by Miller, with what are some serious charges, Miller has one word: slime.

Both seem to dismiss what was the biggest charge Kovarik made: that a commercial drivers’ license tester at the notorious McCook facility, since convicted,, brought money to Topinka, first in the form of cash and, when admonished, in the form of checks as a token of friendship from George Ryan. Is that slime? Miller, a very good polemicist, seems to write it off as the product of a soured love affair between Topinka and Kovarik. He takes a statement from Oberweis that Kovarik was as close to Topinka as her aide Nancy Kimme is now as a slur, adroitly implying that Oberweis meant something prurient and demeaning. That is Miller implying dishonor by playing dirty pool. Only Miller could find something disreputable in a statement I and others have read as stressing the political closeness of Topinka and her political adviser. Miller’s insult to Oberweis is a kind of thumb-in-the-eye. Miller’s entitled to his views which are in some cases as pungent as those you find here—although we try to stay away from hints of personal impropriety here.

The alienation between Miller and Oberweis stems from early in the dairy magnate’s political career. Ever since Oberweis who began as a laissez-faire hands off libertarian on abortion to become a social conservative he has been catching flack in a newsletter that, for news and analytical interest, is often top-drawer and indispensable reading for anyone following Illinois politics and gossip. The conclusion seems clear: You can’t be pro-life, pro-2nd amendment, anti-gay rights views and insist on immigration enforcement without being disqualified from serious consideration as a statewide candidate by Miller. The Tribune is more delineated in its critique of Oberweis but Miller’s views against Oberweis, emotionally white-hot, he wears on his sleeve. Notwithstanding, Miller’s newsletter is about as good as a state inside publication gets. Soon he will begin as an Op Ed columnist for the Sun-Times. You’re not surprised, are you?

He makes big bucks in his media empire, well up in six figures, and is incredibly well regarded but for one who dishes out salvos of criticism, Miller is incredibly thin-skinned. Some years ago I telephoned Miller to complain about inaccuracies in the newsletter. He listened, asked “are you finished?” I said yes and he hung up. I was holding a disconnected receiver: Click-bzzzzz. This just to tell you that like the rest of us, Miller is very much controlled by the human condition. And now I’d like you to go after me in Reader’s Comments, not that you haven’t already with views that in almost all cases are extremely helpful.


  1. Again and again we are told that Judy because of her moderate RINO style is the only Republican who can win.

    Well Judy, because of her pandering stances, is simply one of those PROFESSIONAL politicans who just goes along to get along. She hires the cronies of that other Professional Politician, George Ryan to help her behind the scenes in her campaign.

    Arn't we sick already of people like Judy? People like her spoil the very foundation of the Republican Party in Illinois and pervert it just like Judy's pandering stroll in the Gay Pride Parade!

    Lets look at Judy on money for the state.

    JUDY REFUSES TO GO AFTER COMPANIES that hire "undocumented workers" to collect the state income tax due the state from their employment. By doing this she leaves millions of dollars "on the table"! Is is OK for the State via Judy to not collect these taxes due to the political incorrectness of the issue? Is this JUDY again hugging another rainbow colored baby for votes! IS she pandering for the "undocumented vote"? After all we know that the dead vote in Illinois! Or do major Illinois corporations who hire undocumented workers give her campaign contributions so she will not audit them on this?

    Let us not forget that it was CDL licenses for UNDOCUMENTED drivers that got George Ryan into a pit of trouble.

    Judy must be exposed for the REPUBLICAN IMPOSTER that she is! And while you are at it check out Jim Edgars involvement with companies that hire "undocumented workers".... OPEN YOUR EYES. No wonder he supports JUDY!

    Fellow Republicans it is time to Support candidates who stand on principle who are NOT professional politicians.

    Professional politicans like Judy have a way of always turning on the base to save their pension. Any one remember Ryan mass communting of sentences to placate the left so as to save his PENSION!

    Republican voters.... BEWARE!

  2. I don't understand the credibility controversy.

    Mr. Kovarik has levelled charges against Judy & four others. All have denied the charges. On corroboration, that's four against zero.

    Mr. Kovarik's 2006 statement is also at odds with his 1995 statement on the key allegations. That makes it five to zero.

    No issue here- Kovarik contradicts himself and has zero corroboration.

    Jim hurt himself by putting so much in this basket.