Tuesday, March 14, 2006

This Blog Picks: Democrat Frank Avila for Metropolitan Water Commission

I am strongly in support of Frank Avila as the Democratic nominee for the Metropolitan Water Commission District—and have enormous respect for Frank who has courageously taken on the role as critic of the Daley administration in a number of areas. I hope I don’t kill Avila’s chances by writing this but I hugely respect his views and hope that the day is coming when the Democratic party can reflect the party of my youth when it was consonant with tradition on social issues, as Frank is. I suspect there are a number of issues where Frank and I disagree but his integrity and articulation are great assets for the Democratic party and I wish him well. As the old saying goes, I’d attack him if I thought it would do him some good in his primary.

Republican Lieutenant Governor Endorsement Tomorrow.


  1. Please say you support Lawrence Bruckner... I would crap my pants!

  2. Patrick "Deep Water" McDonoughMarch 14, 2006 at 12:03 PM

    I also support Frank Avila. Frank Avila is a great lawyer not afraid to help those in need. Frank did not back down to the H.D.O. and Mayor Daley's unending parade of scandals. He is a voice for the taxpayer that does not want more Hired Truck Scandals or City of Chicago Hiring and Promotion Fraud. Patrick McDonough, State Central Committeeman Illinois 9th Congressional District (candidate)

  3. No way. My ho is Wegman. Back off pants crapper.