Thursday, March 9, 2006


In Wednesday’s blog I said that Rich Miller, editor of Capitol Fax, hung up on me after I called him with a complaint. My recollection is that I called him to correct an inaccuracy. Not so now that he reminded me. I called to complain that he didn’t return my call inviting him to be on my radio show. I had understood he was going to be on. I recall that I filled the air with a long complaint and that he responded: are you finished whereupon he hung up. His view is that it is something different. You know, at the age of 77 I have been known to be wrong, o.k.? In Wednesday’s blog I mentioned that Capitolfax is very valuable, which is the reason I subscribe. I repeat this now: it’s very valuable which is why I subscribe. His blog is also very valuable. Am I wrong here, too? I don’t think so.

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