Friday, March 24, 2006

Re: Topinka. This Blog at Least Says Never. Never. Never.

Now that the choice is between pro-abort Judy Baar Topinka and pro-abort Gov. Blagojevich, what should social conservatives do—vote for Topinka who at least has a conservative Lieutenant Governor nominee, Joe Birkett…or vote for Blagojevich in the hope that Republicans will be taught a lesson by the defeat of their pro-abort candidate. Neither course would be prudent. While Natural Law sometimes prescribes the lesser of two evils, here there is no lesser. The answer is clear. Give the category of governor a pass.

If there is no other alternative—no third party or independent candidate who embraces socially conservative views that would serve as a party in exile-—the only option is to pass up the category for governor entirely. A Lieutenant Governor Birkett, no matter how much he agrees with us, would have utterly no power in a Topinka administration since her views on social policy would transcend his…and this blandishment should be rejected because it is falsity on its face. In Illinois, the Lieutenant Governor does not even preside over the Senate, has no vote whatsoever even in case of tie. I take it as a given that a Bill Brady advising a vote for Topinka would be regarded as redundant, since he’s delivered before.

A Topinka victory would be disastrous for social conservatives—far more than a Blagojevich victory. Some argue that because Blagojevich is more fiscally reckless, more likely to innovate with seriously immoral social programs, Topinka who is less inclined to do so would be a reasonable choice. But this ignores a Governor Topinka takeover of the Illinois Republican party…with the result that it would be far more a closed corporation to any views but hers—and any chance of our having at least one party reasonably open to our views would be ended. A Republican party with no Republican governor to throttle it is by far the more desirable course. Conservative policies would at least have a chance for a hearing. Under Topinka an Illinois Republican party would be as closed to our views as is the state Democratic hierarchy.

The first priority should be to keep the levers of the Republican party free from a vise-like grip that a pro-abort Republican governor Topinka—especially based on her former descriptions of social conservatives as “kooks”—would exert. In my view, no campaign blandishments from Topinka or Joe Birkett directed to social conservatives should be taken seriously since they would be the most flatulent campaign oratory. The arguments to vote for Topinka which will surely be offered by certain pro-life Republicans but should be regarded as pure opportunism and rejected.


  1. Tom, you make an excellent case against the ascendency of Topinka. I would add that it would be equally disastrous for economic conservatives as well, with the risk that she would raise income taxes, her opposition to school choice, etc.

    But, Tom, equally important for conservatives is the fact that Jim Edgar remains a malign influence within the Republican Party. Liberal Republican Jim Thompson long ago relinquished any power or influence he had over the state party years ago. He appears to have no problem with his legacy, and, from his perspective, why should he? (longest serving governor, building named after him, state agencies created by him, etc.)

    Edgar, however, has coopted the role of Party Father Figure. His dithering on a run for both Senate and Governor hurt the Party. His embracing of Topinka has left us in the predicament we are in. Finally, he is not shy about tossing veiled insults against the conservatives in the Party.

    It is time we rid ourselves of "this meddlesome" Jim Edgar. We need a strategy to marginalize him. Only a containment of Edgar will give us the final assist, after a Topinka loss, to reclaim the Party.

  2. Tom I believe you can be sensible and principly pragmatic and still support Topinka. Abortion is a non-issue for governor as long as Roe v. Wade exists and the Supreme Court is still about 8-10 years away from changing that decision -- if at all. You comment that a Topinka free GOP will be more open to reform. You seem to forget that we have not had a GOP governor for 4 years now and yet we still have the problems. Despite the pipe dreams of true beliver conservatives a political army travels on it's stomach. In order to build the GOP in Illinois we need the jobs and influence -- and yes the contracts -- a GOP governor gives the party.

  3. The last vestiges of the combine must be eradicated so our state party will return to the conservative values which should separate Republicans from Democrats.

    I did not see a Libertarian Candidate for governor so I will either abstain or vote for Rod. I hope the hundreds of thousands of conservatives stay home and JBT gets under 40%. I expect a low 40s (42 - 43%) total for JBT which would be a 14 - 16% defeat which should be enough to eliminate her once and for all.

    Than we need to focus on Bob K and Edgar who has corruption skeletons in his closet. It is time to reclaim the Republican Party in Illinois as people need a choice they have not had for decades between a pro family conservative and a pro abortion liberal.

    Not a single dime or vote for JBT.

  4. You may want to support the Constitution Party candidate for governor, Randy Stufflebeam. I agree that neither the Republicrat nor the Democan candidate for governor should be supported. There may be a lot of people who are pro-life and pro-marriage who are looking for someone to support. Here is a website,, that may provide some information to you.

  5. Tom, this makes you an unwitting (I can only hope) participant in the Combine Conspiracy theory as articulated by the Oberweis camp, Diersen, Rauschenberger, Roeser, etc. Remember, it is "Bi-partisan", meaning that big Bob Shellander really wants Blagojevich kept in office so that he (Kjellander) can keep the big $$ coming in.

    Judy's never paid Big Bob as much as Blagojevich. At least, not in one lump sum.

    He (Kjellander) might be secretly siphoning off thousands of $$ each month from Judy (unlisted on D-2s, but we know it's happening), and he might be secretly writing Judy's press releases, and giving "background" briefings on Judy's behalf to the press, but we know that Bob is REALLY in this to elect Blagojevich.

    How do I know? Well, Bob knows who butters his bread. He didn't get as big as he is by biting the hand that feeds him.

    Tom, I am concerned that you may have been turned by the combine. You've fought them so faithfully in the past. Why give in now and support Kjellander and Blagojevich? Are they secretly paying you off? Is Kjellander secretly writing your blog entries?

  6. Yesterday I emailed Joe Wiegand indicating that I could/would never vote for Topinka. Evidently he has received hundreds/perhaps thousands of similar emails/phone calls. I have yet to figure out if I'm more angry than sad. Thank you for your Never "column." Somehow, it made me feel better.

  7. Off the top of my head, this seems like the only advantage of voting for Topinka.
    On second thought, the Lt. Governor is elected separately, correct?

  8. Joe, The governor and lt. gov. are elected together. It has been at least 20 years since they were elected separately.

  9. Thanks for the info, Matt.

  10. Tom, you are becoming a caricature of yourself.

    What do you call someone who would give away our Second Amendment rights for mere party influence? Opportunist is the mildest thing that comes to mind.

    I don't think you'll get many takers on any kind of political suicide mission.

  11. I think that a vote for Blagojevich is in our own best interest. After all, a Topinka defeat will retire yet another member of the combine. Slowly, but surely we're getting rid of them. Otherwise, we could be stuck with her for years even after she leaves office much as we are with Jim Edgar. In addition, there's the entertainment value of Blagojevich. There's no doubt that the man will keep things boiling politically and will irritate the you know what out of the combine leaders in the legislature. Plus, we may not have to deal with the Governor for all that long. Give him a big victory and he becomes a prime candidate for the VP spot on the Democratic ticket. And, it sets the stage for our victory in the next election. Marty Oberman will be much easier to beat than either Topinka or Blagojevich. Even if he doesn't win the nomination, the fight within the Democratic party will set them up for the kill.

  12. Tom, I greatly respect many if not most of your views and on this point I believe you are on the money. If Topinka is roundly defeated the combine types in the GOP will be hard pressed to field any candidates with any statewide wins under their belts. Edgar isn't getting any younger. Birkett would have to sell out further to lead their ticket. Even with a win by Radogno in November, the combine types' bench would be seriously depleted without Judy.

    Those who worry about the loss of contracts need to consider the value of those contracts when they are controlled by a wolf in sheep's clothing. Isn't that what set the stage for the current mess over 26 years?

    For those who focus on Edgar & Kj's influence and dismiss Thompson's don't all of these players need to be observed with caution as powers behind the thrones even if they are less able to control viable candidates? Thompson may have given up much or all of his official influence, but how much financial and network control does he retain from Winston & Strawn. Would a mistrial in the Ryan trial diminish or increase that influence over the next couple of years?

  13. Throw JBT to the wolves and then clean out the GOP barn and fumigate the place.

  14. Jason,

    The reason you did not see a Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate is because last November, they voted to NOT run any state wide candidates this year.

    However, interesting to note, Cal Skinner who was the Libertarian Candidate in 2002 seems to be supporting Stufflebeam for Governor. It also would appear that the Conceal Carry, Inc. is also supporting this candidate.

    I was disappointed that Jack did not come out and acknowledge the Third-Party candidate Stufflebeam as a viable option, since he is a social and fiscal conservative worthy of consideration.

    His website is

    And regardless whether you will actually vote for him or not; you should help help get his 25,000 signatures so that he can be on ballot. This would certainly mix things up a bit and give the two major parties cause for concern and might even be the catalyst for real change here in Illinois.

  15. Please forgive me, I meant that I was disappointed that Tom (not Jack) didn't go further in mentioning the only real option out there and that is voting for a third party candidate. Don't waste a vote in not voting.

    If you are going to waste a vote, at least waste it in making a statement when you vote for a truly conservative candidate who will return the state back to "We, the People."

  16. Kelby J. PhillipsMarch 30, 2006 at 8:40 AM

    matt nelson,

    I disagree with your statement that "Abortion is a non-issue for governor". Remember how Rod B. made his executive order that pro-life pharmacists MUST fill a prescription for abortion pills, against their concscience? And how he has pledged funding for embryonic stem cell research? This governor has demonstrated that pro-life issues DO matter in the governor's race!

  17. Patriotic, don't sweat it ... several months ago Jack and Tom were very distinguished ... I mean distinguishable ... that is, until Tom started agreeing with the FTN and pushing for Onerweis to get elected.

    Due to that, your confusion makes total sense.

    I was starting to think Tom had joined the FTN wagon, but starting to think maybe he's fallen off the wagon altogether.

  18. Randy Stufflebeam is ONLY candidate that values life 100% so that means you reading this now is because your mother did not choose to abort you. Lest, of course she did and you are the result of a failed abortion. Randy is 100% pro-life so he values all genders lives and would not support having aborted you. He is also the ONLY candidate to my knowledge that fully supports ONLY traditional marriages and civil unions of one man to only one woman. Not Judy Topinka, not Rod Blagojevich, not the Green party candidate and that openly gay male fifth candidate.

  19. Write in Randy Stufflebeam for Governor. He is Pro Life, Pro Family, Pro 1st and 2nd Amendments, Pro Acountability, Pro Education, Pro Veterans, Pro Private Property, Anti Same Sex Marriage, Anti Corruption, Anti Illegal Immigration, Anti Incometax. Check Randy out at he has my vote and full support!