Monday, March 20, 2006

Oberweis and Berkowitz a Smash on “Shootout”, Winding Up Primary Season

Jim Oberweis and tough questioner journalist Jeff Berkowitz were a smash on my WLS-AM program last night with the two good-naturedly trading observations that were sometimes contrary, sometimes in agreement, on the last program before the March 21st primary. One significant point raised by both: State Sen. Bill Brady has steadfastly maintained that educational vouchers would be unconstitutional in Illinois—causing Berkowitz, an educational reformer and lawyer to question the fact…and prompting Oberweis, also a supporter of vouchers, to point out that the Bloomington senator has received a generous campaign donation from the Illinois Education Association, the professional teachers group that strongly opposes vouchers.

State Senator Jim DeLeo (D-Chicago) and Cook County GOP Chief Gary Skoien to Analyze Primary on “Shootout” Next Sunday on WLS-AM.

State Sen. Jim DeLeo, an assistant Senate majority leader and Cook county GOP chairman Gary Skoien will analyze the March 21 primary election next Sunday—and sketch out probable battle plans for the 2006 campaign which will be historic. Questions: if John Stroger gets the nomination for Cook county Board president, will he be able to effectively campaign and govern? If Forrest Claypool wins on Tuesday, will he be able to put together a campaign which shores up the Democratic party and still points the way to reform? And in either case, will Tony Peraica, the GOP nominee, have a chance to become the first Republican Cook county Board president since Dick Ogilvie in 1966?


  1. Once again Oberweis isn't quite clear on the facts ... I believe they call that "truthiness" ...

    When did Brady receive his IEA contribution? Not in this election cycle! The IEA is not supporting him in this primary, financially or otherwise.

    Of course, that's the truth and Oberweis hasn't concerned himself with that yet.

  2. Apparenlty ... I haven't heard the show yet ... not only did Obe make claims about IEA contributions but also Cellini contributions. I don't know if Cellini has ever made contributions to Brady ... I do know that the IEA has, but not for a couple years and definitely not in this election cycle ...

    Tom, how can you support a guy who just "can't handle the truth"?