Friday, March 17, 2006

News Story: Catholic Bishops Support 100,000 Person Immigration March in Chicago

First, it’d be nice if they could convince some of their priests to keep their pants on.

Bi-Location: The phenomenon in Catholic theology which details how, very rarely, some persons of great sanctity can be at two different geographical locations at the same time. Vis. Lynn Sweet is not a Catholic nor, so far as I am aware, a saint but is especially venerated by certain secular liberals for her ability to be at two places at the same time. Her bi-location is truly remarkable: a Washington bureau chief who can at the same time cover local events i.e. warning John Stroger to make available his health records to the media.

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  1. Considering how the news has gotten worse about Stroger's condition, I think it's legitimate for voters to know if he can serve or even live out his next term in office assuming he wins the primary and general elections. In reference to your comment about Lynn Sweet, she's no stranger to Chicago. In fact, she appeared tonight on WTTW's Week in Review show.