Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Meeks from the Pulpit: Call Me, White People, and Tell Me to Run!

We are living in two different countries, as John Edwards said in the 2004 campaign—and let me offer one example. When a pastor who is also a state Senator announces he’s thinking of running for governor from the pulpit and thunders out a televised oration-homily that says, according to at least one public policy source, “Come on with me, white churches…Call me and tell me to run for governor. White people…who believe in Jesus, call me and tell me to run for governor” not in violation of his church’s non-profit status as well as separation of church and state? I ask: Is it when he’s black? Because a number of white conservative pastors and churches have been singled out in support of Republican candidacies—not the candidacy of the particular pastor.

Why are not our cowering, politically correct media pointing this out? Why does the IRS investigate other religious organizations and schools and veer away from African American churches that purvey the party line? Why does the Catholic archdiocese allow Rev. Michael Pfleger, pastor of St. Sabina’s, to allow presidential candidate Al Sharpton to harangue a congregation? Is Pfleger not the same white pastor of a black church who has been allowed to run many years over his term limit as pastor by the archdiocese which is too cowardly to insist he live by the rules other pastors must?

Where is the criticism of this case? If the quote is accurate, the only reason Reverend-Senator James Meeks is not feeling the heat is because he belongs to a constituency that since the civil rights struggle has been absolved from these transgressions because the feds is afraid of what it sees as bad press for prosecuting an African American church. And don’t respond by telling me I’m a bigot. I think my credentials in the civil rights community are fairly well-known: founder of the federal office that instituted set-asides where by the time I left $200 billion in contracts were given to minorities and countless additional billions since then…fomenter who initiated passage of the first civil rights resolution adopted by the National Governors’ conference…friend of the civil rights leader Andrew Young, supporter of his candidacies from Congress (where my company produced the film documentary of his history)…numerous corporate social responsibility programs…current proponent of the mayoral candidacy of Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr.

I ask: where are the analytic news stories that underscore the flagrant violation of the non-profit status? Where are the political writers who cover potential candidacies and turn up all kinds of interesting sidelights ala Jack Ryan’s divorce records? Where are the news writers who were so mightily offended by Jim Oberweis’ commercials and any improper linkage with his ice cream business? The writers are under their beds. Are we going to see any story from the newspaper that prints Meeks’ patron, Rev. Jesse Jackson’s DNC political talking points as commentary? From the newspaper that prints Father Andrew Greeley’s Dem talking points as spirituality? Where are those writers, those TV expose architects of breaking news? Where are they? Where are the religion writers—or are uninterested in writing about the abrogation of church and state and are only intrigued with spaghetti and Christianity?

And you call this a journalist’s town.


  1. Why does the media continue to ignore these people who continuously breaking our laws? They want to preach politics from the pulpit? Fair enough and pay up on the taxes!

  2. Remember, according to the Combine conspiracy theory articulated so convincingly by Oberweis, Diersen, Rauschenberger, Roeser, etc. Rev. Meeks is in on the deal.

    He is perhaps the most up front of all participants, making it clear he and the rest of the "Brutha-hoods" are in it for the $$$$, unlike Big Bob KJ, who is happy as long as his Ferrari gets paid off, or Rod, who is happy as long as his father-in-law pays for his (Rod's) hair tranplants.

    My expert analysis is that Rev. Meeks is running to cover up the campaign blunders the real combine candidate, Big Bob Paymaster Rod Blago, has made. It's obvious- Rod comes out swinging at gunns (Rod cant even spell the word) and unites Republicans around Judy. The Combine can't allow this, so they are running Meeks to keep Rod out of the headlines.

    Its so simple even a vision impaired person can see. Its the proof we've all been waiting for.

  3. First of all, I'd like to tell him to run!!! RUN OUT OF THIS STATE!!! GO! LEAVE!! Do not walk, RUN!!!

    Secondly, I'd like to see the media frenzy that would happen if a white paster from the pulpit said, "Call me, Black People, and Tell Me to Run!"

    Why does it always have to be about the differences in races?? Why couldn't he have merely said, "Illinois Citizens, Call me and tell me to run???" Is this the kind of Governor we need in Springfield. Well probably not, he'd probably stay up there in Chicago land like his predecessor.

  4. Truth in politics would suggest Meeks name his new party

    The Family Tax Hikers Party.

  5. I called him and he did not call back, I support anyone who is pro life and pro family. People I know would support him on those issues.