Saturday, March 11, 2006

How Does it Go, Judy? “If You Can’t Stand the Heat…”

By spurning future debates with her Republican rivals and later describing them as “morons” (correcting herself and excluding Bill Brady and then, reportedly phoning to apologize to all the GOP candidates), Judy Baar Topinka leads me to wonder: How would you deal with the pressures of the state legislature, the struggles with Mike Madigan and Emil Jones if you can’t handle Jim Oberweis and Ron Gidwitz now? The answer is this lady will do just fine with Madigan and Jones because she’s almost one of them. It’s Republicans she can’t tolerate.


  1. with her roller pin "assault weapon".

  2. Everyone who wants that special Illinois gov. job or had one with Ryan is behind Judy. In other words Judy's clothes reek of George Ryans BO!


    But then maybe Judy is the perfect one to take the State into complete decline as Chicago and Illinois fails to make it in the Globaization race. Hell, Chicago can't even save the name Marshall Fields, The Berghoff, or the First National Bank. The writing is on the wall..... just look at the 35000 who applied for the jobs at the Wal*Mart in Evergreen park!

    Chicago only has to look to Gary, Toledo, Cleveland, and DETRIOT to see that its future is doomed because Chicago is CAPITAL of the rust belt!

    Using the Wrigley factory shut down as an example, just look if you can't make high margin CHEWING GUM in Chicago, just what can you make?

    Face it Tom Roeser, it is over for Chicago and the region. The glory days are behind it.

    Look at the Frey Demographic studies of Illinois. Illinois is being flooded with low wage low skill workers who are perfect Democratic constituants while the are is losing by the thousands its Republican base who are simply moving away! That section on Democratic Demographic manipulation in David Schippers' book SELL OUT tells it all!

    Look in the mirror Tom, the area no longer shares YOUR demographic or the demographic of the aging Republican crowd that dreams of past glory.

    Given such a demographic, Judy, may be the only Republican who could get elected and she doesn't even have Swartzeggers brougue!

    Sad isn't it TOM?!!! And you saw it all happen in your lifetime!

    Oh so you don't believe me... well then just go out and drive around. Visit Berwyn, Hillside, Maywood, Aurora and the Fox Valley and look at the demographic shift. Look at Kankakee, Joliet, Waukegan, Galesburg, Sterling, Rockford. Look at how close former republican bastian, Dupage County, is to going Democratic.

    And look at that LIBERAL abortion babe BIGGERT that was put in by the Hinsdale yuppie broads who still sport their Hillary hair doos!

    Tom ITS OVER!

    So Judy and Her ACCORDION may be able to close out Illinois' Republican era with a fitting swan song! as the Illinois titanic slips below the waves of history!

    And don't even get me started on the beginning housing and real estate bubble collapse in the Illinois that is just beginning which will finally rip the area's financial hull like an huge ice berg!

    Instead of your theme song being Kate Smith's God Bless America.... you may want to change it to the Titanic's Nearer My God To Thee!