Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Comment on Yesterday’s GOP Primary:

The Campaign of Judy Baar Topinka
Thanks the Bill Brady Campaign.

We Couldn’t Have Done It Without You.


  1. I said yesterday that I was afraid we'd wake up this morning and see that I was right; the events of yesterday bore this out.

    Tom, if we mis-analyze this we'll not learn the right lesson. Remember, the Combine Conspiracy theory as espoused by the Oberweis Camp, FTN, Diersen, Rauschenberger, et al. says that Brady was forced to do what he did by Mr. Shellander. There were no calls of gratitude from Judy to Bill.

    I would accept the entire theory as proven last night except with one corollary- that Oberweis, knowing the theory full well, played right into the combine's hand, as if he had a script and played his role well. Now, I must say that I believe that Jim knew of this plot, but I will admit the possibility that Joe Weigand and Jack Roeser kept Jim in the dark on this critical point, adn that they carefully steered him past thousands of people who also did not tell Jim about the theory. If that is the case, then I would blame Joe & Jack for yesterday's debacle.

    I don't know where the immigrants were that Jim Oberweis(or was it Joe Weigand?) promised to bus in to vote for Oberweis because they liked his stance on legal immigration. Undoubtedly, Strogers people intercepted them, and forced them (at gunpoint in Chicago) to vote for Stroger. Stroger's fingerprints are all over this misdeed.

    Of course, I have to say that Judy's paid negative advertising campaign on TV and in the newspapers (the libral media) started back in 2004, before Edgar even had a chance to get out of the Governor's race, was also a factor.

    But one thing I am sure of: that the hundreds of thousands of people who voted for Judy are really democrats, and dupes at that. They could have saved Mayor Daley, Forrest Claypool, and Jim Oberweis, but instead they crossed over, voted Republican, and went for Judy, costing us the race.

    I'll comment on Jesse Jackson's outrageous comments later.

  2. John Thomas McGeeanMarch 22, 2006 at 6:42 AM

    AMEN, Thomas, AMEN!

  3. How often do Blair Hull, Brady, and Gidwitz get together to discuss strategies? Is there some psychic connection we're missing?

    It's time to support instant run-off voting. No majority, no winner.

  4. It could just as easily been "JBT thanks Jim Oberweis for her primary victory". Gidwitz tried to buy an election too, and he got only 10%.

  5. Even if all Martin and Gidwitz votes went to Topinka, she'd still have less than 50%...not enough with an instant run-off system in which the number 1 votes of the bottom candidates are replaced with their voters' second choices until a candidate has over 50%.

  6. Topinka owes a great deal to Oberweis whose far right stands made her look in contrast like a centrist.

  7. He had a right to run. Blame the Illinois Republican party for pushing Topinka above all and promoting inside politics over a conservative gameplan . Blame Oberweis for changing positions enough in his career to place enough doubt in the mind of just enough voters to keep him in second place. I'm one of those who desperately wanted a good conservative candidate but couldn't get past the disingenuous attitude of Oberweis enough to vote for him. His "name in the hat" trick at the end probably cost him a few as well.

    Lastly, blame the voters who voted for Topinka even though she said nothing the entire campaign, never outlined a plan for running the state, continually cried that the "boys" were picking on her (even as she called them morons)and debated poorly, (when she decided to show up). In the end the voters will get what they deserve and that is a poor Governor no matter who wins in November. There is no way this conservative could vote for Topinka. I could have held my nose and gotten behind Oberweis but JBT is too distasteful. I will write in Tom Roeser, if you're willing to serve sir.

    The Illinois GOP needs to be torn town and rebuilt from the ground up.

  8. Hmm,


    How has the development of businesses gone under Blago? Where will Blago get the money for comprehensive health care for children? Where will Blago get the money for comprehensive pre-school for children? (Maybe Rob Reiner, lol)

    How about Gov. Rod Blagojevich plans to copy the Wisconsin initiative, ignoring the concerns about creating special benefits for illegal immigrants that prompted lawmakers in Wisconsin to intervene so rapidly. Under Blagojevich's plan, the state will back below-market- rate loans for people who have little or no credit history, no bank account and no Social Security number. The loans wouldn't be limited to those who are here illegally, but that's clearly the primary target.

    Great; gotta love Blago; a man of the people. Just not the American people.

    And who is our savior? Topinka, Edgar, and others of that ilk.

    Oberweis was the guy; Brady & Gidwitz not withstanding. This primary will help the republicans in this state. Unfortunately, we will have to suffer from another Blago administration before people beging to wake up.

    Tom keep it up; we'll get this right one way or the other.