Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Today’s the Last Day to Get in on the Big GOP Lt. Gov Debate.

...at the City Club. Now that Diersen and I have pushed the Club to put it on, we only have 12 people coming, which is less than the number attending the Last Supper. Get up a party and swell the ranks at Maggiano’s at noon on March 1. Call for reservations at the Club at (312) 565-6500. Now!

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  1. I had been focused on the gubernatorial debate coming up, here in Springfield, a week from today, but I hadn't realized (nor, I think, have most people) that there is going to be a debate between the candidates for Lt. Governor as well. Will this debate be livecast (or archived) on the web, or on television? I will try to tune in on the local AM stations tomorrow, to see if it's there. But I assume that by "City Club," you mean the "city" of Chicago.

    That's too bad.