Monday, February 20, 2006

Personals: Things That Occur After You Write Your Blog.

The Roundtable of 6 about which I wrote yesterday also discussed the possibilities of key Democrats getting indicted. They felt—almost to a man with one dissenter (me)—that Mayor Daley is in no danger, one of our number, a lawyer, citing the fact that the Shakman decision is a civil one and even if the mayor is in total disregard of it, he can’t be indicted. I have a different view—and it is this: if Daley isn’t indicted, it will be because Patrick Fitzgerald, the so-called “above all politics” prosecutor, remembers that Daley is President Bush’s favorite mayor.

One more thing: To David Graf—drop me an e-mail at and see when we can get together, either in Springfield or here: preferably here but we can work it out. Thanks.

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