Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Eisendrath’s “Debate” to the City Club Yesterday

It was good, with a misty sense of idealism ala JFK. Eisendrath gives the appearance of being a shade more conservative than Blagojevich, yet orthodox on all the Democratic positions and not a creature of image. The house was full of Eisendrath supporters (regular Democrats who normally should be supporting Blagojevich) including one half-billionaire lady, the daughter of a fabulously wealthy developer who sat next to me. A table away was presided over by Lew Manilow, the philanthropist, son of another developer magnate who is in the hundreds of millions of dollars himself, who is Eisendrath’s step-father. Now I can say that the lady next to me has been known for her liberal fervor but not necessarily losing he head and throwing away a lot of money on risky causes, like a candidate running against a governor with tons of money in the bank. But what about Lew? I caught up with him outside the hall and said, “Lew, when are you going to let loose with the dough for this guy?” The answer: ha-ha, I’ve been around a long time; well, not as long as you—but.

Huh? What does that mean? Earlier when Eisendrath came over to shake hands, I said “where’s the beef? [money] for your campaign? When will your step-pop pop?” He said, pointing to Blagojevich’s portrait on the wall, “he has enough advantages and I don’t want to tell him when we get it.” I suppose that has something to do with filing dates—but that worry’s weird. If money doesn’t come in soon, Eisendrath will have to be content with playing to houses with fawning liberals who wish him well, blow him kisses but that’s all. If I were Blagojevich, with Eisendrath’s rich people holding back for disclosure purposes, I wouldn’t stay awake at night worrying.

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