Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Coming Up on Sunday’s “Political Shootout”: Gidwitz vs. Noonan

Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron Gidwitz and Democratic strategist Mike Noonan will be paired this Sunday on my “Political Shootout” program on WLS-AM, 8 p.m.

Note to Dave Diersen: Your GOP/USA is extremely valuable, giving updates on the political news plus your own commentary: I thank you for that. One request. If this were 1858 and you were billing the Lincoln-Douglas debates, would you just advertise it as “Debate Tonight: A. Lincoln” with no reference to Stephen A. Douglas? If this were 1960 and a presidential debate was looming between the vice president and his challenger, would you bill it as “Debate Tonight: Richard M. Nixon” and not refer to John F. Kennedy? Therefore, would you consider doing me and my station, WLS, the honor of reporting that I always have two guests on my show—a Republican and a Democrat, and the guest this week will be Mike Noonan. I can’t see how the cause of Republicanism can be helped by neglecting to mention half of the program. Thank you, sir!

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