Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Aren’t There More Issues Obama Can Solve?

barack obama
The gushing, white liberal-guilty Sun-Times obviously believes freshman Democratic Senator Barack Obama, elevated to guru status for being a Senator While Black, can solve all pesky national and international issues with the snap of a finger. Already its headlines proclaim that he has declared definitively, ex cathedra, on the matters of global warming, the NSA with Valerie Plame and Scooter Libby, nuke plant inspections, ports. Aren’t there any more questions he can resolve for the Sun-Times?

What about the firing of Lawrence Summers as president of Harvard?

The decision of the Wall Street Journal to trim its page size by December 31? Intelligent Design? The dialectic between Paramenides and and Melissus in ancient Greece? The tiff between the White Sox’s Kenny Williams and the Big Hurt? Whether Cardinal George should resign over the Father Dan McCormack matter? Whether Daniel Barenboim has disrespected the Jewish tradition by conducting the anti-Semitic Wagner in Austria last year? How to deal with bird flu H5N1 found in Asia? Whether it a grand jury should have indicted gumshoe Anthony Pellicano for tapping the phone of Lisa Bonder Kerkorian, the former tennis pro who is demanding $320,000 a month in child support from Kirk Kerkorian, the octogenarian billionaire?

Perhaps you can think of other issues Obama can solve as he leans toward 2008. Write them in Readers’ Comments.


  1. True, I haven't yet read the Sun-Times article regarding whatever Sen. Obama most recently wrote or said, but I doubt if Obama's staff has embedded journalists with that paper.

    Instead of knocking Obama for the Sun-Times treatment of his comments, it would probably be more revealing to identify other political leaders receiving the same type of treatment from the Sun-Times and other leading media outlets in our area.

  2. I'm sure the good Senator has an answer for the heartbreak of psoriasis, body odor, homelessness and ring around the collar. Hail Obama!

  3. Maybe he can explain how slavery reparations demanded by his party are equitable given the fact that well over 90% of non blacks living in the United States either had no family in America until after 1865 and those that did never held slaves. Also, a significant portion of blacks were not in America until well after 1865. And what about Asians and Hispanics who did not engage in slavery, did not arrive until after 1865.

    Maybe he can tackle the Socialist Conundrum of why the CBO says government revenue will decrease with a tax increase (and vice versa) when real life shows tax cuts increase revenue as freedom from government does wonders for the economy.

    So many questions to ignore when there are billions of new government programs to enact.

  4. My post should read "why the CBO declares tax revenue will decline with a tax cut when in reality taxes increase after tax cuts due to increases in economic productivity and the fact more people are willing to work / save / invest if less income and wealth will be confiscated by the socialist (bipartisan these days) government.