Wednesday, January 25, 2006

There Oberweis Goes Again: Supporting Heterosexual Marriage!

gay marriage 2
Yes, Jim Oberweis has done it again, according to Crain’s Chicago Business on January 23. According to Shruti Date Singh, he “introduced a divisive issue into the GOP gubernatorial primary Monday by announcing he is planning to help fund a petition urging the state recognize only marriages between man and woman as legal unions.” The headline says “Oberweis Injects Potentially Divisive Issue into GOP Primary.”

I’ll tell you, you’ve got to watch this guy. First thing you know, he’ll be insisting that all high school students, both boys and girls, use the same curriculum. What’s next? Mandating that before Illinois college students graduate they have to show their thesis? He’s a radical extremist I tell you. Jeopardizing the gubernatorial election by plunging headlong into support of male and female marriage would only seem potentially divisive to Crain’s, a purported business magazine which leans to liberal ideology, Democratic endorsements and is the local house-organ for political correctness.

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