Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Oberweis-Brady Debate at the City Club. (Written Wednesday Afternoon)

So pleased was I at the Oberweis-Brady debate yesterday noon at the City Club that I was glad Judy Baar Topinka and Ron Gidwitz decided to wimp out—because it gave two outstanding, vital conservatives more time and allowed for greater exploring of their views. I really can’t tell you who won because they were both so effective in making their cases. I know that for some people there who hadn’t the opportunity to see them before, it was revelatory. My personal views more nearly correspond to Oberweis’ because of his vast private sector experience as a brilliantly successful economic forecaster—with one exception: I believe Brady scored with his support of state tuition for children of illegals. But dominating it both on the stump and at the table where we had journalists sitting with us was Jim Oberweis’ mastery of economics and business which is essential for the next governor. Honest, folks: nominating either one would please me very much. I’d have problems with the other two—probably if it were down to the two liberals I’d prefer Gidwitz. Which leaves the accordion lady—and if she wins the nomination, I’d think long and hard. But that’s another story.

Tell me what you think—particularly if you were at the debate. But if not, go ahead anyhow.

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    In today's Tribune they wrote about the debate held at night among all four Republican candidates. They briefly mentioned the afternoon debate (which I was unable to attend) and said Topinka and Gidwitz are moderates. Pathetic.

    My choice for governor in order:


    I'll never vote for Topinka or Gidwitz. I voted for Glenn Poshard in 1988 and can sleep at night.

    The fact that many Democrats hate Blago gives him points in my book, even though I don't like many of his positions and the pharmacy and stem cell positions are obscene but are positions I can see the two Republican "moderate" candidates taking.