Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Fat Face Charade: Part II

The days when I was mistaken for the late Larry O’Brien and the now largely out-of-prominence Henry Kissinger are over. But not long ago when, in the company of others, I was getting into my overcoat at Smith and Wolinsky’s steak house here where, sadly I did not order the one-bean salad for dinner, a couple watched me trying to button my coat and the guy said, “We enjoyed your straight-from-the-shoulder remarks on C-SPAN.” I always sell out at times like that—and I said, “thank you.” She said, “we miss you greatly and Bush 41 as well.” That explained it. They thought I was Larry Eagleburger who succeeded Jim Baker as secretary of state [1992-93] when Baker quit to manage the Bush campaign. Discouraging thought: I saw Eagleburger myself on that C-SPAN program, so fat he almost tumbled off the couch with wattles and pouches drooping far over his collar. Well, take fame when you can find it.

“Thank you so much,” I said. “We must…” and they came closer to hear my words, “…hang in there!”

“How true!” they said as I swept out the revolving door.

And your comments about being mistaken for greatness—or anything else you wish to note.


  1. Doesn't Larry Eagleburger look an awful lot like Henry Kissinger in this photo??
    Maybe all Republicans look alike when they mature?